7 Fierce Fantasy-Inspired Girl Names

Parenthood brings multitude of joys, one of the most anticipated feelings is finding out the gender of your baby and giving them a name. Naming your baby can be an exciting endeavor. But with so many choices to choose from and the endless suggestions from family and friends, the task may not be as easy as you envisioned. After all, finding the perfect name that captures your baby’s personality and disposition may entail a long search, but it doesn’t necessarily have to. You can look to anything for inspiration and what better inspiration than the world of fantasy? So many people are completely obsessed with the fantasy genre. Whether it’s a book series, a movie or your go to show, characters from our favorite fantasy series have a way of speaking to our hearts. Not only are they otherworldly, they are empathetic too. Wouldn’t you want to name your baby girl after such a character? Several fantasy serieses have beautifully unique names for baby girls. Here’s our top pick!

1. Eowyn


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We are obsessed with this baby name, and for good reason! You may recognise this regal and unique name from the J.R.R. Tolkien’s trilogy Lord Of The Rings. She is a beautiful noblewoman and a beloved character. In the books and movies she is described as brave, courageous and strong, often referred to as the shieldmaiden. The name Eowyn comes from the Old English language and means “horse joy” which makes this the perfect name for horse lovers. Would you name your girl after this layered character?

2. Luna


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Harry Potter fans, this is your time to shine. Luna Lovegood is a fan favorite from the Harry Potter series. She is quirky, fun loving and out of the box. She is also resilient and kind hearted, all great qualities for your little baby girl to strive towards. Luna stems from Latin and means “moon”. If you’d like your baby to shine bright even at the darkest hour, this is a great name to consider. It is also associated with the astrological sign Cancer so a good option if your baby arrives during Cancer season!

3. Leia


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This one’s for you enthusiastic Star Wars fans. Leia is a name that the entire Star Wars franchise recognises. If you’d like your little princess to be named after one but didn’t want a conventional princess name, this is a great pick for you. The name Leia, is a French version of the name Leah which means “open meadow”. However, it also means “weary” in Hebrew.

4. Morgana


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This name sounds powerful, regal and otherworldly, just like the character that made it a popular pick! Morgana is the name of the legendary enchantress from the sage old legend of King Aurther. The name Morgana is the Italian translation of the name Morgan which originated from the Old Welsh Language. The name is closely related to the sea. So, if you want an elegant name that is connected to the sea, this is the name for you.

5. Esme


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If you were busy contemplating if you were Team Jacob or Team Edward in the early 2000’s, you are no stranger to this name. The name Esme was first introduced in the Twilight series. It’s a sweet and pretty sounding name with a lovely meaning. Although Bella comes up with the name by mashing two other names together, the name Esme does exist as a stand alone. It is of French origin and means “esteemed” or “loved”. If you want to show your baby just how loved she is, this may be the perfect way to do it.

6. Auryn


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Here’s a pretty girl name you don’t hear so often. This delicate and unique sounding name is of Celtic origin and was used in the 1984 film The Never Ending Story. The name itself means “golden” and rather than only referring to the color, it refers to the actual precious metal, gold. If you want your baby to know that they are golden, this is the perfect pick for you. A beautiful vintage name for your beautiful baby girl!

7. Lyra


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Lyra is an interesting and unusual name to give your baby girl. It was used in The Golden Compass books for the protagonist. Lyra is the Greek word for the musical instrument Lyre. It is also the name of a constellation. So if you’re interested in astronomy or music, this name would suit your baby best.

Picking out a name for your baby doesn’t have to be overwhelming and tedious. It’s okay to turn to books, movies and shows that you’ve always drawn strength and inspiration from. Oftentimes than not, there may be a special name right there waiting for your little one. Have you named your child after your favorite fantasy series? Let us know in the comments section!

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