7 Ways To Celebrate A Baby’s First Halloween

Ways To Celebrate A Baby’s First Halloween

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Milestones with your baby are worth celebrating. Ever since your little one comes into this world, you look forward to several firsts with them. The first time they grab your finger, the first time they smile at you, and the first time they respond to your voice are moments that are properly etched in your heart. You also look forward to when they take their first steps, crawl, laugh, and say their first words. These are all moments that you cherish forever that fill you with immense joy. Apart from baby milestones, celebrating eventful days, festivals, and occasions with your little one for the first time is something that every parent loves eagerly. So, with Halloween just around the corner, we are here to tell you how you can celebrate it with your precious little one and make their first Halloween a spooktacular memory:

1. Find A Cute Costume

Find A Cute Costume

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Babies are cute. Period. So, no matter what they wear, they will look adorable. Halloween is the one holiday of the year where you can dress your baby in cute costumes and take tons of Instagram-worthy pictures. Besides, a baby’s first Halloween costume is something that you will remember for a lifetime. So choose them well. You can either choose to dress them up as a character from a cartoon, or you could even go the traditional route and dress them up as a ghost or pumpkin. Animals, flowers, mythical creatures, and insects are also good options for your little one. Either way, we guarantee that they will look adorbs!

2. Stage A Photoshoot

Stage A Photoshoot

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You could set up a photobooth corner in your house by decorating it with Halloween-themed props. Carved pumpkins, candles, brooms, bats, cats, and other spooky elements all scream Halloween. Place all these items around your baby and get the perfect first Halloween picture! You could put up placards that say it’s your baby’s first Halloween and make props that you can place all around them. Get creative and go crazy!

3. Attend A Zoo-Boo Event

Attend A Zoo-Boo Event

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Many states abroad host a zoo-boo event for kids to celebrate Halloween. Since the spooky holiday is primarily scary, some kids might be afraid to indulge in it. If your baby is too young, scary noises and eerie surroundings can frighten them. In such cases, you can take them to a zoo-boo event that is not-so-scary. Kids and babies alike dress up in costumes, participate in trick or treating, play games, have dance parties, and take several photos. It’s fun, light, colorful, and your baby will love it!

4. Go Apple Picking/Visit A Pumpkin Patch

Go Apple PickingVisit A Pumpkin Patch

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If there’s one thing that comes to mind when we hear the word “Halloween”, it’s the pumpkins. The Jack-O-Lantern is a classic symbol of Halloween, and if you don’t want to celebrate the holiday, you can make the best of it by visiting a pumpkin patch with your baby. Another alternative is to go on a one-day picnic to an orchid and pick apples. It’s a great activity that allows quality family time and encourages your kid to connect with nature. Carry a blanket with you and make a day out of it. We bet your baby will enjoy touching, feeling, and plucking the apples, pumpkins, corn, and crunchy leaves.

5. Halloween Storytime

Halloween Storytime

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Who doesn’t love storytime? Kids love stories because they are fascinating, so find creative ways to narrate the stories to them. You can dedicate some time to tell your kids Halloween stories or give them a quick history lesson on why it’s celebrated worldwide. You can also get your hands on some audiobooks that narrate spooky stories in a fun and interactive way that’s appropriate for kids.

6. Host A Baby Halloween Party

Host A Baby Halloween Party

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Gather all your near and dear ones and host your baby’s first Halloween party! Invite your fellow parent-friends and tell them to dress their babies up in cute costumes. There’s nothing cuter than having a room full of babies dressed in outfits that are meant to be spooky, but they are outright adorable! You could also tell the parents to dress up in costumes in tune with their babies and enjoy some Halloween-friendly games, music, and snacks.

7. Halloween-Themed Scrapbook

Halloween-Themed Scrapbook

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Scrapbooks are a lot of fun! You can allow your creativity to take the lead and go gaga while making a scrapbook for your baby’s first Halloween. The best part about a scrapbook is looking at it after several years — you can take a trip down memory lane! Stick pictures of your baby in costumes, get their fingerprints on some blank pages, and sparkle it up with some glitter! You could also leave a few pages empty to fill in the years to come.

Halloween is a fun holiday where your kids can enjoy themselves by dressing up in costumes, playing games, watching scary movies, and of course, the best part of it all — trick or treating. It is the one time of the year where you don’t have to worry about judgy neighbors or relatives and can let go and have some fun. We hope we helped you make your baby’s first Halloween special with some of the ideas mentioned above. Let us know in the comments below which one was your favorite!

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