That First Poop After Baby & 6 Other Bathroom Truths No One Tells Us

That First Poop After Baby & 6 Other Bathroom Truths No One Tells Us

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If we are honest about it, when we chat with our friends and peers about our childbirth experience, one of the first topics to come up is the infamous “toilet” talk. And, more so, about how it was like to go to the washroom soon after giving birth. In fact, you may have even heard many of your friends complain about how they would rather deliver a baby all over again than go through their first poop post childbirth. But, fortunately, there are a few ways in which you can ease the entire process for yourself. However, there are a few bathroom truths post delivery that no one talks about, perhaps because of the ick factor associated with it. Here, we bring you some of them:

1. The Nervousness Is Natural

The Nervousness Is Natural

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Irrespective of the type of delivery that you undergo, you may feel slightly nervous about everything. Given that your body is again rearranging itself around your “shrinking” uterus, you may feel all over the place. Also, the first “pee” may sting for you a little bit, even more so if you have had stitches. Or, if that area is particularly sore. So, the nervousness is natural and doesn’t come as a surprise.

2. Don’t Hold It In

Don't Hold It In

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While you may be nervous about the first urination post-childbirth, it is important that you don’t hold it in when you feel like going to the bathroom. It is important to empty your bladder on a regular basis so as to avoid any infections.

3. Drink Lots And Lots Of Water

Drink Lots And Lots Of Water

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As always, the good old water is here to help you out. Try to drink plenty of water as it might make your urine a little less acidic, thereby, might help ease the stinging a little bit. For the very same reason, try to avoid drinks that may make your urine more acidic like caffeinated or aerated drinks.

4. Peeing In Shower May Not Be Such A Bad Idea

Peeing In Shower May Not Be Such A Bad Idea

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Yes, we know that you might feel disgusted just hearing about it. But, urinating while still in the shower can help ease the discomfort (the warm water may prove to be a good distraction). In case you are not up to it, you can also turn the tap on while peeing. The comforting sound of the running tap water can get you all going!

5. The First “Poop” Woes

The First “Poop” Woes

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If you are scared about “peeing” post your delivery, then the thought of opening up your bowel for the first poop might not be appealing at all. But, you can always drink lots and lots of water as it may help soften the stool just a little bit. Otherwise, you can also include fiber in your diet with veggies such as carrots or sprouts as they can help make your stool bulkier and softer, thus, making it easy to pass (1).

6. Elevate Your Foot

Elevate Your Foot

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While you are peeing, you can also put your feet on a stool and squat on the toilet seat. This way, it will steer clear of the stitches as the urine might run forwards. With your urine not touching the stitches, the stinging sensation may also go down. This can also work when you are pooping as your adorned position will be ideal for an optimum bowel movement.

7. Take Your Own Sweet Time

Take Your Own Sweet Time

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Don’t try to rush with your toilet time at all. While this statement always holds true, it becomes even more important after delivery. You can perhaps wiggle your toes to offer some relaxation to your buttock area. Or, you can count in your head to ease yourself into what lies ahead. Take your own sweet time and you will reach there!

Keeping your experiences in mind, can you think of some other post-delivery bathroom truth that no one really talks about? If yes, do share with us in the comments section below!

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