5 Newborn Items Parents Don’t Need To Buy

Expecting couples are often nervous and insecure about what to expect when their baby finally arrives, which usually ends with them overestimating how much they need. Most parents feel the need to buy an endless number of different gadgets and items in order to compensate for their lack of knowledge on how to handle a baby, hoping that this will make things easier. But these items are not cheap and usually cause financial strain. Although some of this gear may help you feel more in control, most of this stuff will end up in a pile in the corner of your room. Having certain gadgets is not going to make you a better parent. In fact, most of them simply take up room and make you break your bank account for no reason. Chances are you use many of these baby “essentials” at all. If there are some items that you know you will need, it is better to wait out the first couple of months in order to get the feel of what your baby likes and gravitates toward. Figuring out if it is something you really need before purchasing it will save you some major bucks. After all, most of these items are not going to solve issues that arise with your newborn. That is entirely up to you.

Here are 5 newborn items that you can do without:

1. A Closet Full Of Baby Clothes

A Closet Full Of Baby Clothes

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Yes, they are cute and tiny but you just don’t need that many baby clothes. In fact, you will barely need any in the beginning. Your baby is not going to take to wearing adorable outfits right off the bat. On the contrary, putting them in anything but onesies or sleep suits will only make them irritable and fussy. So, you will have to give up your fantasies of seeing them in elaborate outfits for the first couple of months. Besides, many well-wishers and friends often gift onesies for the baby, so wait till the baby shower to deliberate if you need to go shopping for any at all.

Another mistake parents make is buying expensive baby clothes. This is a terrible idea. Your baby is going to grow out of them in a blink of an eye and get food stains and spit all over them. And no, your baby does not need miniature shoes as they do not and cannot walk. In terms of development, it is best for your baby to be barefoot as much as possible to learn how to crawl, stand, and walk.

2. All That Stuff For Their Bed

All That Stuff For Their Bed

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Sorry, parents, but it seems Instagram has lied to us. Those carefully curated and aesthetically pleasing nurseries you have seen? They are not very functional, especially in terms of bedding accessories. When it comes to infants, the less decorative, the better. Don’t purchase bumpers or blankets for your baby as they pose a suffocation risk for the baby and are, thus, unsafe. Opt for a tightly fitted crib sheet instead. It is much preferred by babies and comes in gorgeous colors and patterns to boot.

3. All Those Baby Grooming Products

All Those Baby Grooming Products

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Your baby is in no need of a 12-step beauty routine. Grooming your baby should be minimal and easy to do. They do not need baby cologne or body mist or any of the hundreds of items the baby grooming market wants to sell you. And you will find that you don’t need as many baby-specific items as you thought you did. For example, a regular nail file works just as well as one “specifically designed for babies.” And baby detergent can be swapped for normal fragrance-free detergent. Hospitals often provide parents with a grooming kit which consists of a comb, soap, and shampoo. This is all you and your baby will need.

4. An Elaborate Diaper Bag

You may think that buying a diaper bag is going to make the ordeal of changing diapers easier but, unfortunately, that’s not the chase. Many parents buy diaper bags in the hopes of being more organized and functional but, oftentimes, it just ends up in one big mess anyway. Trade in a diaper bag for an old tote bag or a backpack. They will work just as well. Simply slip in a portable changing mat and all the baby products and paraphernalia you need, and you are good to go.

5. Things That Don’t Fit Into Your Lifestyle

Not every baby item is going to work for you and your family. Some babies don’t want anything to do with rocking chairs or baby bath tubs, and that’s okay. Investing in something that does not fit into your lifestyle and is counterproductive will not equip you to be a better parent. For example, buying a bottle sterilizer or bottle warmer when boiling water works just fine will only ensure that you have no more counter space left. And why buy a jogging stroller when you never ran solo before having your baby? You also don’t need to buy little winter essentials for your newborn if they were born during summertime, no matter how tempting and cute newborn snow boots are. It is important to be mindful of the purchases you make.

Although it is hard to resist the urge to buy furniture, decorations, gadgets, clothes, and accessories for your little bundle of joy, it is best to take a step back and evaluate if you really need them. Baby stuff is expensive and takes up a lot of space, so make sure it is something you absolutely need before adding it to your cart.

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