5 Parenting Takeaways From Makeup Mogul Kylie Jenner

Motherhood is a source of joy and fulfillment for many women, and this is no different for the youngest sister of the Kar-Jenner clan. Kylie Jenner, a business mogul, entrepreneur, and reality star, has always stated that she wanted to be a mother from an early age. And with the arrival of her son last month, we are sure she is going to be a wholly devoted mother. Kylie already has a 4-year-old daughter called Stormi who she has been obsessed with since day one. Her pregnancy might have been hush-hush, but Kylie is no stranger to sharing the precious memories and activities she and her little girl get up to. She is also very open about the struggles and challenges she faces as a mother constantly under the gaze of the public eye. Although we are not all billionaire celebrities, being a mother and making decisions concerning your baby are always met with skepticism.

So, here are 5 things that Kylie gets right about parenting that we can learn from:

1. The Dynamic Duo Does Things Together

The Dynamic Duo Does Things Together

Image: stormiand.kylie / Instagram

Kylie and her daughter, Stormi, are extremely close and spend a lot of time together doing fun activities, even though Kylie is constantly on a tight schedule. Kylie has made it clear that she sets time aside to simply enjoy life with her little one, and this has given way to a strong bond. She incorporates Stormi in everyday tasks, like cooking dinner or baking and decorating cookies for a special occasion. Stormi is always her well-behaved little helper. Kids can be difficult to deal with, especially when they start fooling around and being messy when you are trying to get something done, but Kylie shows that keeping things light-hearted and cleaning together are great strategies to avoid any outbursts or disasters. We can’t help but admire her for being so patient and gentle with Stormi and looking adorable in matching outfits while she does it.

2. The Baby Always Comes First

Kylie is constantly thinking about the wellbeing of her kids and doesn’t mind leaving everything else on the backburner, be it her friends, her billion-dollar company, or partying with her extended family. The kids always come first. She does not mind stopping filming halfway to calm down a distraught Stormi or pause a meeting to make sure she is okay. In fact, she has left numerous parties just to come back home early to give her daughter a bath and put her to sleep even when she had a nanny on hand. That’s dedication!

3. Co-parenting Queen

Co-parenting Queen

Image: kylie.stormi.travisscott / Instagram

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott may be a solid couple now, but there was a time when they were strictly co-parents. Most people struggle to find the right balance between the amount of mommy and daddy time their baby should have in this scenario. But Kylie seems to have managed this situation without any major disagreements. They chose to co-parent as harmoniously as possible without making a fuss about custody and put their differences and misunderstandings aside for Stormi’s benefit. Kylie attributes staying connected and coordination to their successful co-parenting phase. And, as we all know, communication is key to any healthy relationship.

4. Stormi Is Her Best Friend

Stormi Is Her Best Friend

Image: stormiand.kylie / Instagram

All mothers know that the person they are going to hang out with the most is their baby. So why not show them off? We all share our life experiences and professional achievements via social media. And your Instagram has documented many girl nights and family vacations. Why not celebrate your cute little baby and their milestones too? Kylie loves posting pictures with and of her kids and never misses an opportunity to show us the silly, sweet things they get up to. Remember when Stormi had to wait till Kylie came back into the room to eat candy placed right in front of her? Or how Stormi stroked her mum’s hair as she rested her head on her lap? Now you can share some of your precious moments with the rest of your friend group and followers too.

5. She Is Open To Learning Everyday

Let’s be honest, no one takes to motherhood like a fish in water. Everyone, even Kylie Jenner, faces a multitude of challenges as their baby grows. But this is a great opportunity to learn from your little one and enjoy overcoming hurdles together. Kylie advises mothers to be gentle with themselves and give themselves the benefit of the doubt. Mothers are humans too, and they deserve to give themselves a break. Instead of feeling guilty for not knowing what to do or how to react in every instance, give yourself the grace and space to make mistakes. After all, everything takes practice and requires patience.

Kylie may be young, but she is definitely not naive when it comes to being a good mom. We can see that she truly cares about her babies and takes parenting seriously. Just like Kylie, you are also an inspiration and stronger than you think. We hope these tips help you to continue being the amazing supermom you are.

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