5 Times You Realized 'Mother Knows Best'

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How many times have you gotten into a tiff with your mom as a child? Back then you’d quarrel or throw a tantrum every time she asked you to do something. You’d have felt that your mom did all that deliberately just to irritate you or to emphasize her authority over you. “When I become a mother, I’ll never do this!” would have become a constant refrain in your mind at that time. However, things change with the passage of time. You’d have moved on from silly squabbles with your mom to seeking her advice for everything. And, once you become a mother yourself, your entire perspective about your mom changes too. This is because you are in her shoes now and your children are in yours. And soon, there will be many occasions where you’ll be reminded of how your ‘mom always knew best’. Here are few such instances:

1. Waking Up On Time


Remember each of those days when your mom would wake you up for school? For all we know, such days never started on a good note. You’d cry and crib about being woken up while all you wanted to do was snuggle in your warm blanket. Yet, your mom patiently woke you up even as she went about her usual morning-rush chores. All this only so you would not miss your school. Now that your kids would have taken after you, you start respecting your mom’s patience all over again!

2. Perform Your Own Household Chores


Why do something when mom’s there to do it for you, right? Back during your childhood days, you felt housework was only meant for your mom. Whereas, being a kid, you were entitled to playing and fooling around all day long, especially after school. Even your washed laundry had to be folded and kept by your mom. “How much time would it take, after all?” you’d have often told yourself then. As it dawns on you now, you realize that all this does take a lot of time. And then, as you start instructing your kids to perform their own chores, you’ll realize how mom was, indeed, right!

3. Eating Your Meals


You’d run at the sight of homemade food or anything that looked even remotely fresh or green especially vegetables. “They taste so ewww,” you’d tell with a weird facial expression. You’d often wonder why mom never made those yummy potato fries or cheesy burgers. Now you understand the importance of eating healthy and avoiding junk food. But, your kids don’t. They put you through the same grind and frustration that you had put your mom through by not eating things she so lovingly cooked for you. Karma has a way to get back, doesn’t it?

4. Taking Precautions To Prevent Illness


“Wear that sweater.” “Cover your ears.” “Drink this soup, please” Sounds familiar? Yes, here we are reminding you of those days when you simply chose to ignore these precautionary measures that your mom suggested. The result? You’d have fallen ill, had a blocked nose, and several sleepless nights which even your mom endured. Now, you are in the same shoes. And as you sit next to your kid now, trying to help him/her get back to sleep, you realize how mom knew things the best!

5. Go To Bed Early


And you never cared, again! Instead, secretly being up all night and watching your favorite TV shows was the norm for you. Of course, after a few such nights, you’d become groggy, developed dark circles, and had difficulty paying attention. This is probably when you’d have learned the importance of going to bed early, the hard way. And now, your kids have followed in your footsteps. Putting them to bed early is one of the toughest tasks for you now.

Do these incidents ring a bell? We are sure they do. Mom sure knew what was best for us because, after all, she’s “mom”. So, are you too swamped with the “Wish mom was here” and “She was so right” feelings lately? We wouldn’t blame you for that!

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