5 Ways In Which Rihanna Is Revolutionizing Pregnancy Fashion

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Rihanna is a singer, entrepreneur, beauty mogul and fashion icon, and the extent of her influence on pop culture in the last decade is unrivaled. From her all body inclusive lingerie line Savage X Fenty to her futuristic red carpet moments, she has set a high precedent for herself as someone to be taken seriously in the fashion industry. Some of her biggest moments being the year she hosted the Met Gala, her ties to several fashion houses like Balmain and her ever changing hairstyles. We’ve all heard the saying “It’s ugly until Rihanna wears it.” But lately the leading lady of fashion disappeared for a bit, only to reappear with a huge, beautiful baby bump! That’s right, Riri is pregnant and her baby bump is on full display. She is back to shaking up the world with her unique and stunning looks as per usual. Rihanna has stepped out for a couple of red carpet events in recent weeks and has never looked better. No boring and basic maternity clothing for her, she’s taken to wearing whatever she wants, however she wants in true Rihanna fashion.

Here are a few ways you can spice up your maternity wardrobe by taking a page out of Riri’s book:

1. Trade Your Maxi Dress For A Sheer Dress

Trade Your Maxi Dress For A Sheer Dress

Image source: Twitter

We know this one isn’t for everyone but it is actually far more functional than you would expect.It is summertime and the weather is unbearably hot. Not to mention that pregnant women are susceptible to hot flashes and heat rashes and to combat this they usually wear something light and airy. Well what’s more airy than a sheer barely there dress? Of course, it need not be as sheer as Rihanna’s but something a little less opaque and light weight will help you feel more comfortable. This also gives you free range of movement and keeps you from sweating excessively. Besides, what a cool and interesting way to show off that baby bump?

2. Crop Tops Galore

Crop Tops Galore

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That’s right ladies, pregnant women can wear crop tops too! As your baby bump pops and starts to grow, it is harder and harder to find things that will fit over and cover it. So why try? Crop tops are far more comfortable and more versatile. You can wear them even after you have given birth. Simply reuse the colorful crop tops you have in your closet to keep you cool and help you look cooler.

3. Faux Leather and Latex

Faux Leather and Latex

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Who says you can’t be fun and edgy while pregnant? Rihanna doesn’t shy away from wearing a fair share of leather and latex and neither should you. Try to enjoy experimenting with new styles as much as you can. Rihanna states that she loves defying what it means to be pregnant and maternal. Not all moms like florals or draped fabric. These unique styles might get uncomfortable at times but it is important to dress up once in a while to help you feel more like yourself, even if that means spending 20 minutes trying to get your favorite pair of leather pants on.

4. Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Shine Bright Like A Diamond

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Sequence, glitter, crystals and diamonds: you can do it all while being pregnant. There is no need to be overly modest or conservative just because a baby is growing in your belly. On the contrary, this is the time to celebrate you and you can do that by being as loud and bold as you’d like. And wearing a diamond or crystal encrusted waist chain or belt will accentuate your bump beautifully. See how Rihanna styles this sequence skirt and crystal waist chain with a silky silver top for her Ulta Beauty event. Classy, elegant and sparkly. What’s not to love?

5. The Mini Dress

The Mini Dress

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Forget about the mini skirt, this is the era of the mini dress. Flaunt your legs and your baby bump fearlessly in a short length dress. After all, it is easier to move in one and will stop your body from getting overheated. Not to mention that it looks fabulous and you’ll want to wear them after your pregnancy too. You can pick a couple that suit your style: all black, neutrals, animal prints, or girly hues of pinks with cute bows. You could do it all!

Finding something that you feel comfortable and halfway human in is hard enough when you’re pregnant but finding items to keep things fun and lighthearted may seem impossible. However, it doesn’t have to be. Your body is going through a multitude of changes rapidly and it is easy to feel like more of a host than a person sometimes. This is why it is important to continuously claim ownership of your body by breaking out of pre-existing molds and standards and expressing yourself through clothing. Wear something you love, and something that makes you feel like you. After all, that’s what Rihanna is all about: being authentic and true to yourself.

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