Lactation Problems? Here Are 5 Simple Ways To Solve Them

Lactation Problems Here Are 5 Simple Ways To Solve Them

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Being a mother is magical, sure, but it’s not easy! Just as new memories will be made every day, so will new problems. And, of these problems, lactation issues will be quite common. You’d obviously want solutions to these problems, and luckily for you, you don’t have to look far and wide for them. We have listed 5 simple ways to solve lactation issues in this article that’ll put all your worries to rest-

1. Change your baby’s position if breastfeeding hurts

Change your baby’s position if breastfeeding hurts

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Although infections can be a cause of pain experienced during breastfeeding, sometimes the issue might be as simple as improper latching. In fact, sore nipples are a sure sign that your baby is not latching on properly. To fix this, you should change the nursing position you are normally used to. Try bringing your baby closer to you so they can get a mouthful of your breast. Also, ensure you don’t use pillows to support your baby while feeding as that can lead to an improper latch.

Many mothers think that they’re not producing enough milk even when they are! Usually, changing your perception can help. But if the issue is more serious and your baby is not getting enough milk, you need to look for ways to increase milk supply. Using lactation supplements is a quick and effective way to do that.

If you’re in the market for such a supplement, we’d recommend Zandu’s StriVeda. The brand has been producing quality Ayurvedic products for 100 years and their lactation supplement is no different. Made of the herb Satavari, it’s completely natural, clinically tested, and doctor recommended. You just have to add 1-2 tablespoons to your glass of milk daily and drink it for a month to increase your milk supply.

3. Increase skin to skin contact if your baby refuses to nurse

 Increase skin to skin contact if your baby refuses to nurse

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Often babies refuse to nurse, which can be very disheartening for new mothers. Instead of losing hope and giving your baby the bottle, try increasing skin to skin contact with your child. You could remove yours as well as your baby’s clothes from the waist up and the baby will eventually find his/her way to your nipples to latch on to fill the tummy. You could also entice your baby by giving a taste of your milk.

4. Don’t use pacifiers if your baby doesn’t seem hungry as often

Don’t use pacifiers if your baby doesn’t seem hungry as often

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Ideally, babies wish to feed every couple of hours. And, feeding this frequently is necessary for them as it helps them grow and gain ideal weight. However, sometimes it might seem as if your baby is not as hungry as he/she should be and that feeding sessions have reduced significantly. If that seems to be the case, stop using a pacifier. The sucking motion your baby carries out on the pacifier is the same as during feeding. So, it gives babies the illusion that they’ve already had milk and increase the gap between feeding sessions. This makes ditching the pacifier necessary.

5. Get help if you feel the need to

Get help if you feel the need to

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Often, mothers get conscious when it comes to taking help for lactation issues. There’s this unreal expectation that everything is supposed to come naturally. But don’t force yourself if it doesn’t. If you face any kind of lactation issues that you don’t know the fix to, go ahead and seek the help of a lactation consultant. Getting prompt help can save you a lot of trouble.

Breastfeeding is meant to be a wonderful experience for both mom and baby. So, follow our tips and remove all problems to ensure you and your baby enjoy this beautiful bonding experience to the fullest.

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