6 Foods That Help Your Breasts Grow

Breast enhancement is one of the most sought-after procedures, although it comes with undesirable side effects. However, such a risky procedure can be bypassed if we adopt a natural method of treatment using roots, flowers, herbs, and seeds that help in the full development of breasts without harmful aftereffects. Here are six foods that can help increase bust size.

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1. A Root To The Rescue

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Dong Quai, or Angelica sinensis, is valued for its root. It is a traditional remedy for menopause-related discomfort in women and infertility in men. It grows on top of mountains and thrives in low temperatures. It has been traditionally used in China, although it is well known in Japan and Korea. A mood enhancer and an iron supplement, this root can correct a hormonal imbalance and allows the natural growth process to bring undeveloped breasts to fullness. An interesting side effect of using this herb is that it claims to render you ‘free of disease’.

2. Red For Relief

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Red clover is a flowering plant and is the national flower of Denmark. It is a native of Western Asia, Africa, and China. Once its curative powers came to be known, people all over the world started cultivating it to make pills and creams. What makes this plant so potent is the presence of vitamins and micronutrients, such as chromium and potassium in it. Phytoestrogen and isoflavones in this plant, act like estrogen and stimulate breast tissue. Extracts from red clover are among the most popular supplements for breast enhancement because they also help in strengthening the muscles in the breast.

3. Fenugreek – A Favorite

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The tiny, brown seed, once used only for cooking in South Asia, is now part of the daily diet of women from all over the world. Apart from lowering blood sugar and cholesterol, this seed is also used to help lactating mothers. It vitalizes the mammary glands that strengthen breast tissue, which in turn make the breasts large and firm.

4. Flower With A Flavor

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Hop flower, also known as seed cone, is a white colored flower that adds flavors to beverages. The plant produces two kinds of flowers: male and female. The male flower is not cultivated. This is because only the female flower contains flavonoids that are potent in stimulating the mammary glands, and is considered to be a medicinal herb. This flower has been used as such for many centuries. Unfortunately for some women, when their bodies fail to produce hormones, it affects their body shape. It is in such cases that treatment with hop flowers is said to regulate the production of estrogen, which is essential for breast growth.

5. What Wild Yam Can Do

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Native Americans prized this yam not just as food, but as medicine for ailments related to menopause and infant colic disorders. More importantly, the root of the Mexican wild yam has been widely acclaimed for its ability to keep breasts in good health. This is because it is a source of diosgenin, a beta-carotene rich in phytoestrogen. It has been successful, to some extent, in naturally enhancing breasts.

6. A Helpful Herb

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You may mistake this short tree for a palm, but this Native American tree is a gift to those who suffer disorders of the urinary tract. But since early times, Saw Palmetto has been used as a remedy for women who are conscious of being flat chested. Saw Palmetto also reverses age-related shrinking of breasts. So, it can be used by young women as well as those who are past the prime of youth for developing strong tissues in breasts.

With so many natural remedies available, it would be prudent to try them out first before you opt for surgery. See how your body responds to nature! It could be miraculous.

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