4 Foods That Will Keep The Unborn Baby Healthy (And 4 They Don't Actually Like)

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Once a woman is told she is pregnant, the excitement that she feels within is incomparable. But, with this good news also comes the responsibility of taking care of the little human growing within her. A woman not only goes through physical but also mental changes during the course of pregnancy. The most important task becomes that of looking after the food she consumes. This is a crucial step to ensure that the baby inside her womb is healthy. There are certain types of foods that are essential for the baby’s development. While you might be aware of some of them, others might come as a surprise to you. Here, we bring you some of these foods that will keep your unborn infant healthy:

1. Greek Yogurt

While some women can find yogurt a little repulsive when they are expecting, it may be important to incorporate this one into your pregnancy diet. Especially since it contains calcium along with other essential minerals. Greek yogurt might help with your health, and thus, indirectly keeps your baby healthy too.

2. Milk

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When it comes to most people, milk is not really a favorite. But, dairy products can be quite beneficial since they contain vitamins, calcium, and minerals. Given it can be so important for your unborn infant, you might want to give it a try. If adding a tinge of chocolate to it can help, go for it. Just keep the sugar to the minimum.

3. Legumes

When you are expecting, one of the best cravings to give into is the falafel or lentil soup. Be it lentils, chickpeas, or peas, these are all legumes. They are a great source of minerals and vitamins, exactly what your unborn infant needs.

4. Salmon

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When you are pregnant, you tend to get worried about eating fish. But when it comes to salmon, there is nothing to worry about. It is only the fish with high mercury levels such as swordfish or steaks that you may need to keep away from. Rich in the beneficial Omega 3 fatty acids, salmon is quite low in the mercury content. However, you can always take a second opinion from the doc.

Here, we also bring some foods that you need to keep away from:

1. High Mercury Seafood

While seafood like shrimp and salmon are beneficial for your baby, seafood with high mercury content are the ones you may need to avoid. Consumption of excessive mercury is said to have harmful effects on the baby.

2. Fried Stuff

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It is an established fact that trans fats are not good for any person. And, most fast food restaurants indulge in preparing food with non-hydrogenated oils. But, some use partially hydrogenated ones, which we also know as trans fats. These are harmful to your unborn infant. So, you might have to steer away from such restaurants for a while.

3. Frozen Foods

While you may be tempted to stock up on those frozen meals during the usually-tiresome pregnancy, try to keep away from them. Such foods contain high sodium content that is not really good for either your health or your little one. So, try to keep the processed foods, as well as the frozen meals, at bay for these nine months.

4. High Sugar Foods

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Most of us are tempted to have the feel-good sweets at the time of pregnancy. And, there is nothing sinful to give in to this craving once in a while. But, you will need to keep a check on the quantity of these high-sugar foods such as candies or cookies. They may result in gestational diabetes. So, you might want to give these a miss.

We hope that this has been an enlightening experience for you. You can always consult your docs to cross-check. Every person is different with unique and specific needs. And, no one better than an expert to guide you through that. Also, don’t forget to drink lots of water. Happy eating!

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