Foods You Can't Resist During Pregnancy

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The insatiable urge for chocolate, the unearthly desire to dig into a burrito, the sudden want to eat those pickles or the bizarre need to chew upon ice cubes – these are just some of the weird appetites that a pregnant woman would typically have. Apparently, more than 50% of pregnant women have bizarre food cravings at odd hours of the day. The way pregnancy cravings can get unique is that the urge to dig into your never-before favorite food gets stronger, so much so that you can drive miles and miles to get that meal at 2am! Here are some of the top pregnancy food cravings with an explanation as to why you crave for them during pregnancy:

1. Pickles:

Perhaps these make the number one pregnancy craving. It has not been established, but women crave for pickles probably because their body is low in sodium. Also, women love to get the taste of something sour as it might be a way to avert nausea felt in the first trimester. Whatever might be the case, pickles are low in calories and are inexpensive. So, there is no stopping there.

2. Lemons/ Oranges:

Citrus fruits are just another instance. The liking for sour stuff might be extended to lemons and oranges as whole fruits or their juices. Some also reason the liking for sourness with the changing taste buds during pregnancy.

3. Dairy foods:

Just a thought about the yummy melting cheese, yogurt, butter or milk, makes some pregnant women indulge in dairy especially after their first trimester. One reason would be that their body demands calcium and protein rich foods this time around. You might want to consume low-fat dairy so you can put your weight under check during pregnancy.

4. Salt:

It might be common for pregnant women to crave for salty foods. It is an indication that the blood volume can demand dietary sodium. You might want to bear in mind that a lot of processed foods contain hidden salts whose levels might be harmful to you during pregnancy.

5. Spicy foods:

The craving for spicy foods might range from red peppers to spicy curries. Hot foods can make the body sweat which then cools your body. Pregnant women are known to have body heat which can best escape through spicy foods. Hence the craving.

6. Potato chips:

Potato chips are salty and crunchy, making you eat them on and on. Again, the urge for the salty snack might be an indication that your body is asking for sodium. But potato chips are high in calories, so you might want to eat alternative roasted snacks such as roasted Brussels sprouts, low carb Zucchini chips, or baked radish chips.

7. Soda:

You might have the frequent urge to drink something sparkling. Fizzy drinks such as carbonated soda are what you might want to have. Carbonated drinks settle your stomach, so you feel like having them. But should you want to avoid the excess sugars that go into these drinks, you might want to have sparkling water.

8. Coffee:

You could have bouts of drowsiness. So coffee is something you will crave during pregnancy. If you were used to drinking coffee regularly before pregnancy, you might have a heightened urge for it. Coffee helps you stay brisk, reduces headaches and keeps away your drowsiness. But most doctors recommend that you stay away from coffee when pregnant, so you might want to check with your doc before you have your next mug of coffee.

9. Sugars and sweets:

If you are craving for sugars or sweets during pregnancy, it could be a sign of gestational diabetes. It might also be indicative of your hormonal changes that alter your taste and perception of smell. Try alternatives like a fruit juice that will ease your craving for sweets.

10. Ice:

Kids do that. They love chewing on ice cubes. But pregnant women? Apparently, when preggos chew on ice, it’s an indication that they are anemic because anemia might cause inflammation of the mouth and tongue and chewing upon ice simply soothes them.

11. Non-edible foods:

If you have a craving for non-edible foods, it is likely that you have iron deficiency. Non-edible foods can be anything from chalk to petrol! If the urge is too strong, you might want to see your doc because such foods serve you in no way.

What were the top pregnancy cravings you had? Share with us!