27 Foods You Won't Believe Pregnant Women Will Crave For


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1. Pickles

In early pregnancy women are more inclined to sour food, so it explains why pickles will top their list.

2. Spices

Certain condiments like cloves or cinnamon help alleviate nausea in pregnant women. No wonder they love to keep biting on these!

3. Chocolate

Be it chocolate bars, chocolate chips or hot chocolates, but many pregnant women have all the excuse on earth to dig into chocolates!

4. Oranges And Lemons

Undoubtedly citrus fruits are your favorite this time around.

5. Vinegar

Again, how could you not like vinegar when you are already craving for citrus fruits! Add them to your seltzers or chips – simply don’t gulp down the whole thing if you wanted to avoid a heartburn, though!

6. Beer

Even if you have been advised to abstain from beer during pregnancy, you might be better off taking just one sip a day to satiate the craving.

7. Macaroni And Cheese

Nothing wrong with this yummy cheesy delight for a brunch or a dinner.

8. Eggs And Cheese

Even a vegetarian could go ‘Egg’etarian with this craving during pregnancy.

9. Ice-Creams

A pregnant woman dare not say no to Ice-creams. They are everyone’s favorite in all cases. So the craving goes a bit more up for expectant mothers. No wonder they will try out as many combinations as possible and will be busy experimenting with the variety.

10. Yogurt With Fresh Fruit chunks:

How could yogurt stay behind ice-creams! Indeed pregnant women love the favors with extra fruit topping.

11. Watermelon And Caviar

A mom craved these two while pregnant. On the contrary, her daughter today dislikes caviar but loves watermelon.

12. T-bone Steak

This was ticking the mind of a vegetarian-by-choice woman in Hagerstown.

13. Scrambled Eggs And Bacon

A woman who had two months of morning sickness managed to keep herself up with these foods that she craved the most.

14. Juice

If you crave for juices, it means that your body is demanding for more fluids. Fresh fruit juices, when compared to canned juices or pops, should always be the choice of pregnant women.

15. Mustard and onion sandwiches

Sure some women crave for extremely pungent foods.

16. Dairy Products

Milk, butter, cheese and Greek yogurt. Don’t they tickle your taste-buds already! Something about dairy products that keep you yearning for more and more.

17. Bacon, pork, and ham

The triple craving can temporarily shift you from being a vegetarian to a sausage-lover.

18. Peanut butter

Umm…go get the calories. Peanut butter couldn’t be recommended better other times!

19. Caffeine

Your need to be alert and active calls for coffee breaks. The urge could be heightened during pregnancy. So, while your doctors might not allow you to drink too much coffee, you could consult on how much coffee you could drink considering your cravings.

20. Cheese grits

Great for the cheesy-goers anytime anywhere.

21. Beans And Greens

There is something about the green vegetables, this time, around. Some pregnant women have a craving for the fresh greens – spinach, peas, beans, broccolis to name a few.

22. Lobster and scalloped potatoes

Do you find this one irresistible? Go, get a pregnancy test done :)

23. Quiche

Alright, now this one goes for a sumptuous delight!

24. Baby carrots and canned tuna fish

If only too much of canned tuna weren’t harmful to one’s baby inside, a woman would dig into a combination of this with some baby carrots!

25. Mixed fried rice and watermelon

Yes, one is watery and succulent, the other is pretty grainy. And the combination – smacking for a pregnant woman!

26. Hamburgers

Even if you are one of those who doesn’t have hamburgers, pregnancy is a time when you will crave red meat! So don’t be pinching yourself if you were ordering for these at a takeaway counter.

27. Salt

Some pregnant women yearn for more salt. It might be a response to your body’s changing sodium levels due to increase in the blood volume. However, it might be a good idea to stay away from processed foods that undoubtedly carry higher salt content.

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