4 Fun Children’s Day Activities, Games And Celebration Ideas

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Children’s Day is incomplete without fun activities and games. So, if you are looking for interesting Children’s Day activities, we have compiled a few ideas to help you out. Activities and games enhance children’s learning while having fun. They enable children to express themselves better and get acquainted with their strengths. Therefore, when you plan the activities, ensure they are enjoyable, interactive, and spontaneous. As it’s the day for children to celebrate themselves, give them the freedom to explore their individuality and emerge a winner. So, go through the activities listed below to fill the children’s hearts with liveliness and excitement.

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Fun Children’s Day Games And Activities

Here are some super fun yet easy-to-try activities for children’s day and celebration ideas that will make the day more special:

1. Guess Who:

Guess who children's day activity

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You Will Need:

  • Old magazines
  • Glue stick
  • A big bunch of index cards in 3 X 5-inch measurements
  • A box
  • A pair of safety scissors

How To:

  1. Hand the magazine to your kid and ask him to cut any interesting image he comes across, such as a house, a dog, a flower, an airplane and similar other objects.
  1. Next, ask your kid to paste these pictures on the index cards, one image on each card.
  1. Once all the kids have finished pasting their pictures on the cards, ask them to place all the cards in a big box.
  1. Give the box a big shake so that all the cards get mixed up.
  1. Now ask the kids to come over and pick out one card at a time from the box.
  1. The kid who picks up the card will have to help the other kids guess the image he is holding in his hands. The trick is that he cannot of course say out the name of the object directly. The kid has to use other words that will describe the image the kid is holding in his hands.
  1. All the other kids have to try and guess the object. The kid who guesses correctly gets to pick the next card.

2. The Dress-Up Relay:

The dress-up relay for children's day activites

Image: Shutterstock

You Will Need:

  • Two suitcases or boxes.
  • Different types of dress up clothes, such as capes, scarves, hats, jackets, wigs, boots, pants, skirts, gowns and so on.

How To:

  1. Make sure that you add the same number of clothing or dress up items in each box or suitcase.
  1. The clothes should be of a comfortable size so that all the kids can wear them comfortably and without having to make too much effort.
  1. Once you have filled the boxes or suitcases with the clothes and items, place them at one end of the room.
  1. Break up the kids into two groups with an equal number of kids in each group.
  1. In case there is one extra kid, let one kid from the other team take a double turn to make up for the extra player on the other team.
  1. Now ask all the kids to go to the other end of the room and make a single line for each team.
  1. One person has to take on the role of the caller, who will tell the players when to start and what to do. Once the caller shouts ‘Go’ the first players from each team, have to run to the other end of the room. They will then have to open the suitcase or box and try and put on all the clothes and items from that particular box. The player has to make sure that all the buttons, zippers, ribbons and such of each clothing or item is properly worn. The players will have to wear these clothes over the clothes that they are already wearing.
  1. Once everything is properly worn, the two players will then have to take off everything one by one. They will have to remove all the clothes and items till they reach their clothes.
  1. Once they have taken off the clothes and items that they took from the suitcase or box, they will have to put it all back inside and close the lid. The players will then have to run back to their team and give a hand tag to the next player in line.
  1. The second players of both the teams will then run towards the box or suitcase, open it and wear all the clothes and items that are inside, only to take them all off again. All the players of both the teams will have to repeat the same steps till each member of the team has worn all the clothes and items and taken them off.
  1. The team that completes the task first will be the winner. Your little one will love this children’s day activity.

3. Face Charades:

Face charades for children's day activities

Image: Shutterstock

You Will Need:

  • A few pens and pencils
  • A few papers
  • A cup or a hat

How To:

  1. Give a handful of papers and a pen or pencil each to all the kids who are playing. Ask them to write three to four different types of emotions or feelings on different pieces of paper.
  1. If the kids are not able to understand what kinds of feelings or emotions they should write off or are not able to come up with something, you can always give a clue. A few examples include happiness, sadness, anger, fear, embarrassment, surprise, etc.
  1. Once the kids have written the feelings, take the paper from each kid and fold it up. Put all the collected papers in the hat or cup.
  1. For this children’s day celebrations game, each kid will come one by one to the cup or hat to pick up one piece of paper.
  1. The kid will have to open the paper and read the emotion or feeling mentioned on it, but the kid cannot say it out loud. The objective of the game is that the kid will have to make the others understand what the word is, while the other kids will have to guess it.
  1. The player who has to act out the word cannot make any sounds that will give away the clue to what the word is. Nor can the player move any particular body part to give away the clue. The player can only make use of the face and the head and use different emotions and expressions to help the others guess what the emotion or feeling mentioned is. The player can make no other gesture to help the others guess, except the face.
  1. The player who can guess the emotion correctly will take the next turn and take out the next piece of paper. The piece of paper that was used earlier and that was guessed by the other players will have to be kept out of the box and not be used in this game again.
  2. The players have to keep on playing till all the pieces of paper have been taken out, enacted and guessed.

4. The Beetle Game:

The beetle game for children's day activites

Image: Shutterstock

You Will Need:

  • A few marker pens for each player.
  • A pair of dice.

How To:

  1. For the beetle game, each player has to try and make the beetle in as few chances as possible.
  1. Hand a plain drawing sheet and a marker pen to each player.
  1. On a piece of paper, write down the number and the corresponding body part it will resemble. For instance, here is a sample of how you can create your number and body part matching system for the game. One – head, two – body, three – leg, four – leg, five – leg, six – leg, seven – leg, eight – leg, nine – leg, ten – eye, 11 – antenna, 12 – antenna.
  1. Once all the kids have the pen and paper with them, ask one player to roll out both the dice together. Now the player will have a number that he will use as a basis to start drawing.
  1. In case the player gets a one and a two on both the dices, he can draw either the head or the body, but not both. It will be the player’s choice to decide what he wants to draw. If. However, the player has already drawn both the head as well as the body, and he still gets a one and a two after rolling both the dice, he can do a combination. In this case, he can do an addition of the numbers one and two from the dice and use it to make the body part that is adjacent to the number three, which will be a leg.
  1. Make it a rule that the players can only start drawing once they get a number that lets them draw either the head or the body. They cannot start by drawing out any other body part, even if it takes a multiple numbers of turns.
  1. If the player rolls both the dice and gets a number that he has already used, he cannot roll the dice again but has to pass on his chance to the next player.
  1. The player who will be able to finish drawing the beetle first will be the winner.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can be done on children’s day online?

Some of the ways to celebrate a virtual children’s day are:

  • Plan a zoom meeting with all the children and teachers and play games by dividing them into teams.
  • Host a watch party on the online streaming apps and let the children watch their favorite movie together even when away from each other.
  • Have a virtual picnic as the school sponsors the children’s online food order and enjoy during the zoom meeting.

2. What is the purpose of celebrating children’s day?

International or World Children’s Day is celebrated to mark the adoption of the declaration of the Rights of the Child by the UN General Assembly on November 20 (1). At the same time, Indian Children’s Day is celebrated on November 14, the birthday of the country’s First Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, who was known for his love and affection for children and his many contributions to children’s welfare (2).

Children’s day is the perfect occasion to let them have a great time and enjoy engaging in exciting games and activities. Plan a get-together for kids on their special day to make it delightful and memorable. Choose interesting activities for children’s day that you feel are easy to arrange and accomplish. Whether at school or home, you may host these intriguing and engaging activities and watch them let out their fun and creative sides and have memorable moments with their friends.


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