Fun Facts About Babies Born In May

The beautiful babies of May are usually compared to May flowers, and moms who are expecting their little ones to arrive this month tend to throw floral themed parties to welcome them. These baby showers are usually the main event as the perfect spring weather and clear skies give way to the best airy atmosphere to celebrate these bubbly babies. But there are a lot more to babies born in May than the blossoms they bring. These babies are special and deserve their fair share of attention. So, if you want to know some facts about your sweet May baby, this is the article for you. Read on to know more!

1. Growth And Hope

Growth And Hope

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Every parent feels like their newborn has changed their life for the better but this is especially true of May babies. Did you know that they are naturally prone to good transformations? This is because this symbolic month is named after the Roman deity Maia. And according to The Old Farmers Almanac, the deity Maia was charged with overseeing the progression of all the crops and plants of the land. Therefore, she was named the Goddess of Growth. And her name is translated in English to the month of May. So, your baby too symbolizes growth, fertility and prosperity. Think about it, during May all the colors come back to the land. The flowers bloom and the leaves are green. Summertime is in full swing, and people are in good spirits. This is the time to have good experiences, unwind from the daily stressors we deal with, and take a minute to enjoy life. Your baby, just like sweet summertime will remind you of all these good things.

2. The Bull And The Twin

The Bull And The Twin

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If you are into astrology then you know that there are two zodiac signs that take up this month. Your little one will either be a Taurus or a Gemini. These are two strong signs with a lot of character. If your baby is born anywhere between May 1st to May 20th, they will be a Taurus. And although they are known for being hard headed and stubborn, this is also an Earth sign that is practical and grounded. Besides, being a little stubborn, bull will help them later on in life. They will be determined to succeed and you will always know where they stand.

If your baby is born anywhere between the 21st to 31st of May, then you’ve got a Gemini baby on your hands. Now most people may not like this sign but that’s because this sign is easy to misinterpret. You should be glad you have an air sign child that is super adaptable, flexible and smart. They are adventurous and up for anything and they fit in in most situations. This sign is often referred to as the twins because there are two sides to a gemini, making them someone who is amicable to even the most difficult circumstances.

3. Even Their Birthstone Is Green

Even Their Birthstone Is Green

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This sign is elegant, loves precious things and has a taste for the finer things in life. And this can definitely be seen through their birthstone, the emerald! We know your baby is as precious as a jewel to you but now you know exactly which one. Emeralds are rare and so their value is high. The deeper the green, the more precious the stone is. The emerald also represents matters of the heart. This stone has properties that are said to be able to open the mind to unconditional love and devotion. And if that doesn’t explain a parent, we don’t know what does! The moment you lay your eyes on your little emerald you will feel an outpour of love for them.

4. Lily Of The Valley

Lily Of The Valley

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This month ensures that many different types of flowers finally bloom, but the flower of the month is the lily of the valley. These beautiful delicate little flowers aren’t just a joy to look at, they also have many meanings. They signify bringing luck, serenity, happiness, sweetness, prosperity, purity, innocence, and more. But this isn’t the only plant associated with May. The common hawthorn tree and a species of flowering plant closely related to the rose is also a symbol of May. These two plants bring in a lot of love and luck which means that your little one is being welcomed by all the good things in the world.

May is the month of holidaying, relaxing and taking time to enjoy the wonders of a good life. And most importantly spending time appreciating your new family. So, make sure you take your time enjoying summer with your newborn. They are sure to bring a whole lot of love and light with them for the entire family to bask in.

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