7 Fun Ideas To Celebrate This Children’s Day At Home

Children’s Day is just round the corner and it’s the day every child loves to celebrate. Since decades it has been celebrated only at school. But this time, why not celebrate it at home to make the little ones feel extra special?

To make this Children’s Day memorable, you need not necessarily go out of your way. Listed below are 7 ideas which will not only make this Children’s Day a special one, but also makes you bond with your kids better.

  1. Decorate their room: Your child would love to wake up to an awesomely decorated room. Use colorful ribbons and balloons. Decorating your child’s room will not only give them a change but will definitely make them feel special and loved. The effort you put in the decoration will pay off when you see your little one’s face light up. You can set up the whole thing in your lawn too!
  1. Give them gifts: What better way to make anyone feel good than give them gifts? Gift him the car he has been asking for since long or her the doll house she always wanted. Your kids will love to get a gift outside of their birthday and it will surprise them for sure. Give them the Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolates that they love and see them glow with happiness.

  1. Watch their favorite movie: Watch their favorite animation movie with popcorn on the side. Enjoy with them as they enjoy themselves. The fact that their parents are allowing them to watch the movie and are themselves watching it with them will make the moments joyous for them. Turn your home into a theatre and let the party begin!
  1. Let them dress you up: This activity might end up in you looking like never before but trust us it will be a lot of fun. Let your kids be in charge of your dressing for a day and they are going to love it. You will be surprised to see how creative your kids can really get. They shall give it their best shot to make you look the prettiest and this just ends up strengthening the bond between the two of you.
  1. Cook together: Let your little master chefs spread their wings as you prepare their favorite dish, cake or even cookies together. This will give them a sense of responsibility and they will be proud that they have themselves made the dish (in your company, of course). We promise you that it will be the most delicious meal you both have ever had!
  1. Build a blanket fort and read together: Who doesn’t like blanket forts, after all? Build your own fort with fairy lights inside and read a book together. If you do not want to read, you could just lie down with your little one and tell them a story about your childhood and how their parents were like in their childhood.
  1. Design a treasure hunt: A treasure hunt designed just for your kids can be fun at all levels. Give them clues in the form of riddles or puzzles to make it all the more interesting. Watch them enjoy as they solve the clues and get to the bumper treasure hunt gift like the Cadbury Dairy Milk hamper. You can also hide multiple gifts at different stages to encourage them.

So, make sure to use these ideas to turn into a super parent for your child and you can thank us later! Cadbury Dairy Milk seems to be celebrating Children’s day with kids, you go ahead and do it too and make it special.

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