10 Fun Ways To Visually Stimulate Your Baby

10 Fun Ways To Visually Stimulate Your Baby_1

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Finding fun playthings for a baby is a lot more difficult than finding a good game for older children. This is mostly because they aren’t capable of understanding much at this age and there are very few toys that are safe for them. Do you have a baby? If yes, you must be wondering what you could possibly do to make your baby’s early experiences fun and useful. Visual stimulation is something that can make a very positive impact on your baby’s development.

Here are some of the easiest and most amazing ways in which you can visually stimulate your baby:

1) Bubbles


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There no babies or kids who don’t get excited when they see bubbles. When you use bubbles around your baby, make sure that you use only safe ones. There are a lot of cheap products filled with harmful chemicals in them. These can harm your baby’s skin. Also, keep a close eye on your baby so that the solution doesn’t get ingested. Clean your baby’s hands with a baby wipe if she/he has touched the bubbles.

2) Mobiles


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Most of the parents prefer to buy mobiles for their babies. But, you can always put in your own ideas and make your own mobiles. All you need is some colorful paper, feathers, ribbons, or pompoms. Use a lightweight wire to make shapes and decorate the whole thing with the colorful material. You can hand it down in the crib in such a way that your baby can see it but cannot pull it down.

3) Pictures


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Babies love looking at colorful pictures and photographs! Sit next to your baby and show him/her pictures from a magazine or a children’s storybook. Make sure to turn the pages slowly lest they cut their delicate fingers by the sharp paper edges.

4) Other Baby Images

Other Baby Images

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Looking at other babies surely excites your little one. Try finding cartoons and photographs of babies and show them to your sugar bun.

5) Mirrors


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At first, they look, then they try to touch it, and then they give you a really confused look- cute, isn’t it? Mirrors help babies learn a lot and they also stimulate their sense of vision. It will be a truly fun experience for your baby to spend some time in front of a mirror looking at their own image. All of the mirror fun should be under strict supervision so that your baby doesn’t get hurt.

6) Colorful Sensory Bins

Colorful Sensory Bins

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You can buy sensory bins or just make them at home. They are full of colors and interesting objects for your baby to touch and play with. This includes rice, pasta, beads, and much more. You can use some colorful cookie cutters, building blocks, and ribbons to make your own sensory bin at home. Again, make sure that someone is around while your baby is playing with it so that nothing gets ingested.

7) Tag Blankets

Tag Blankets

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Tag blankets are another amazing way to visually stimulate your baby. You can either buy them or make them at home pretty easily. You just need a plastic cover, some colorful clothes, ribbons, and the ability to stitch.

8) Family Books/Albums

Family BooksAlbums

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Family books and albums are very interesting for babies and you’re going to have a lot of fun making them as well. Get a scrapbook and start gluing color pictures of all your family members. This will help the baby get acquainted with the faces and also have a lot of fun!

9) Play Peek-A-Boo

Play Peek A Boo

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Playing peek-a-boo is always fun. Even babies love this game regardless of the fact that they don’t really get the game. They enjoy the sudden smiling face that pops up in front of them and they also enjoy the pleasant and funny noise that you make while playing the game.

10) Aquariums


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Take your baby to an aquarium or set up one at home. Yes- they may be a little bit of work but babies love watching the fishies! Buy colorful fishes of different sizes and shapes. Add plants, colorful pebbles, and other decorations to the aquarium to make the appearance more interesting.

Babies may not be able to understand the games that you’re trying to make them play but the visual aids that you use will surely have an impact on them. Make sure that whatever you use are safe for your baby and your baby is always under adult supervision. What are your fun ways to visually stimulate your baby? Feel free to share your ideas in the comments section below.

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