9 Fun Ways To Spend Winter With Your Kids

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Winter is a time when fuzzy socks, fluffy blankets, and hot chocolate drinks are common. It’s the perfect time to cuddle up with your loved ones under one blanket and watch holiday movies while sipping on hot cocoa. Winter makes kids happy because of the break they get from school, days spent sleeping in, and the best part of it — snow! Making snow angels, skiing, sledding, and building a snowman are just a few things you can do when it starts to snow, and kids love it. But during this pandemic, all of that is not possible. However, there is no need to be disheartened because here are 9 ways to spend winter holidays with your kids and make it fun:

1. Bake Treats

Bake Treats

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Winter is the best season for baking. The smell of cake batter is tempting, and your kids will love to help you bake delicious treats. You can make it a memorable evening by baking your kids’ favorite cookies, brownies, and other treats.

2. Watch A Movie

Watch A Movie 

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Of course, you don’t have to limit yourselves to movie nights only in winter, but it’s the best time because of the cuddle factor. The biting cold makes your kids want to snuggle next to you while enjoying a movie. With a pot full of popcorn and a mug full of hot chocolate, you are good to go.

3. Roast Marshmallows

Roast Marshmallows 

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Oh, what fun! Roasting marshmallows with your kids is a great bonding experience. While waiting for them to roast, you could sit around the fire and exchange stories. It will keep you feeling warm inside out. All you need is a backyard, some firewood, and quality family time.

4. Make Snow Cones

Make Snow Cones 

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You can get your kids to make ice cream with some snow. How exciting, right? All you need is some sugar, milk, vanilla, cream, and snow, of course! Your kids will enjoy making it because, let’s face it, hot or cold, the idea of ice cream is always gold.

5. Snow Fights

Snow Fights 

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It’s not as brutal as it sounds. Staying indoors will make your kids get on each others’ nerves. Take them to your backyard and have them throw snowballs at each other. They are fun and will probably help release the frustration of staying indoors.

6. Arts And Crafts

Arts And Crafts 

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If you have a creative streak, use it, and give your children small art projects. They can make greeting cards, snowflake decorations, and snowmen. Paint them with vibrant colors and give them to your mailman, house help, milkman, and watchman.

7. Measure Snow

Measure Snow 

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Here’s a bit of math that can be fun! Grab your kids and step out into the snow to measure how much snowfall you’ve had this year. Use a ruler to measure and compare it to last year. This little activity can be educational and fun.

8. Build Forts

Build Forts 

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Always fun! Build snow forts outside your house with your kids. If it’s too cold to step outside, make indoor forts with bed sheets, pillows, and blankets. Not only is it exciting and fun to make, but bonus points that you will be warm and cozy in it.

9. Act Of Giving

Act Of Giving 

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The winter season is an excellent time to donate old coats, sweaters, and blankets to the needy. You probably have a bunch of them lying around that you don’t need. Take them to your local charity home and donate them to the less fortunate. Your kids will learn the importance of giving and begin to appreciate what they have.

Ice skating, skiing, and other fun outdoor winter activities are great, but it might not be possible to indulge in them during a pandemic. But there is no need to be bummed. There are several other fun activities to do with your kids and make it a memorable winter break for your kids and yourself. We hope you liked our list of activities. Comment below and let us know which one you are most excited to try.

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