"Funniest Parenting Tweets": What Moms And Dads Said On Twitter This Week

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Parenting is no piece of sweet cake- well, it’s bittersweet. Now that you’re in, there’s no way you can get out and the best thing you can do is to adapt humor for stress relief. Well, a lot of parents are already doing it and these hilariously funny tweets are the proof!

The Scavenger Life

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Being a parent will require you to feed on bits and crumbs from your children’s plates – just the way crows and roaches do. Very often you might walk into a restaurant and your kid orders something that he can’t finish so you end up doing the rest of the eating work. Also, you may not be able to feast on your favorite cookies like before since they may just vanish from the jar overnight.


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Sometimes your child’s intellect might surprise you, or in this case, scare you a bit.

Yeah, You Get Tired

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You may want to argue on this but it’s mostly true that the firstborn child is always given the utmost care and attention during their baby days. One or two kids later, you may loosen the grip on your parenting beliefs because you’re too tired!

They Know It Long Before You Know That They Know It!

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Your kids may look like tiny little humans but they know a lot of things that you wouldn’t have ever thought they knew. Be careful about what you do, watch, or talk in front of them because they may turn against you as weapons when you’re out in the public.

Evil Parenting Tactics

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You’ve got to be smart if you want a few minutes of peace. Simon Holland’s Twitter account is much funnier than a lot of comedy shows out there!

Bringing Work Home Aka Theatre Of Embarrassment

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Did you really think that you could work at home when you have your kids there? That’s just too ambitious – why Caesar, why?

I Just Wanna Make Sure You Did It Right

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Well, you often stick around when your kids start eating by themselves or go to the bathroom alone. Wouldn’t you thank them for doing the same for you?

Just When You Think It’s All Good

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If you feel that it’s all good, slap yourself and splash some water in your eyes! It’s just the calm before the storm.

We Need Some Privacy, Folks!

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When we grew up, we not only had our parents sniffing around our private life but the entire social circle of family and friends as well. Things just got much easier for kids these days – LMAO!

Baby Brain Works in Mysterious Ways

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This tweet is solid proof for the fact that children are so much more creative than us. Look at this one’s imagination go! I think she might do really well in advertising.

Adult Jokes? Not Anymore

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Those days are gone when you’d talk whatever you wanted and crack uncomfortable adult jokes. Now you gotta be careful because someone is absorbing every single word you say like a sponge. It’s always a confusing situation when you feel that they know things you suspect about.

These aren’t jokes made up by comedians. They are real-life situations and if you’re a parent, you can most probably resonate with these tweets. And if you aren’t a parent yet and you’re expecting, be prepared for a lot of surprises that you may not be thankful for. Have you ever had similar experiences? I’m sure you’ll have a lot of hilariously funny ones to share with our readers! Feel free to vent in the comments section below.