7 Funny Truths About Having A Girl

Funny Truths About Having A Girl

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If you are already the mother of a boy and think that your newborn girl is anything like him, you are in for the surprise of a lifetime. Little girls are a class apart from their brothers. Just listen to the stories moms of girls share with their friends and you will know this for a fact.

While most of their behaviour is endearing and sweet, parents of little girls should be ready to face these 7 unexpected (and often hilarious) realities of raising a baby girl!

1. Development At An Earlier Age

Development At An Earlier Age

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Girls begin to form opinions and assert their will even at the tender age of three or so, unlike boys. They are quick to answer back, or repeat something you said earlier. Mothers should be prepared to deal with these responses by appreciating their smartness, and at the same time, setting their limits in a firm but gentle manner. This way they will grow up to be assertive and empowered.

2. Shopping


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It’s so much more fun shopping for girls! Firstly, there is a larger collection of clothes on display in the girl’s section of the shop. Secondly, clothes for girls are getting to be prettier and more stylish with every passing year. Frills, embroidered sleeves, little suspenders, laces and tiny bows are just some of the things that add to the cuteness quotient of a girl’s dress. In fact, mothers who buy these clothes actually wonder where they could buy the same model for themselves.

3. Girls And Toys

Girls And Toys

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But when it comes to toys, girls seem to not be very different from boys. Although toy manufacturers market kitchen sets, dancing dolls, and beauty sets, girls may prefer playing doctor with a toy stethoscope or racing their toy cars with those of their siblings.

4. Talking


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Generally, girls begin to utter words, phrases, and sentences before boys do. Generations of parents have observed this and ongoing research on the difference in the development of boys and girls supports this to some extent. It is fun to watch girls pick up the vocabulary of their parents and have a conversation about how they feel. With a boy, you just have to wait a few more months for that to happen.

5. The Drama

The Drama

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Girls can be drama queens and expose you to a wide range of emotions, but in general they tend to be calm, especially as infants. They are physically calm while boys tend to fidget and squirm a lot. Girls are sensitive to what is happening around them, and respond to the parent’s instructions quickly. This makes them appear to be calmer than the boys.

6. Society And Behaviour

Society And Behaviour

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Whatever be the culture you are from, society expects different things from boys and girls. Parents become more protective towards female children, and expect them to behave well. Those outside the family may ignore the mischief boys do, but comment negatively about a girl’s behaviour.

In fact, the media projects an image of girls that is hard to conform to. Additionally, girls too feel the pressure that is put on women to look good. In the modern world, they are also expected to be creative, independent, confident, and mature. All the pressure adds up and it becomes just a little harder to bring up a girl child.

7. Girls And Affection

Girls And Affection

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It is not clear, whether it is the way they are brought up or if they are born with these qualities, but girls are more demonstrative and vocal about their affection. Parents of girls feel lucky because their children hug them, kiss them, and tell them their feelings much more than boys too. This may be because parents are stricter with boys and respond more warmly to girls. Whatever be the reason, the girl child’s parents enjoy and cherish such moments all through their early childhood.

Girls can appear so serious at times that a parent finds it easy to visualize how she would look and sound as a grown-up woman. The home of a girl child can thus be a little paradise. While researchers and social scientists debate all the time if a girl’s behaviour is a pattern in nature or a product of nurture, parents regardless enjoy the unique experience of raising a girl child.

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