Gender-Neutral, Non-Binary Baby Names & Meanings

Gender-Neutral, Non-Binary Baby Names & Meanings-1

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Gender-neutral names have become increasingly popular among parents in the last few years. Unlike before, more parents are trending towards gender-neutral names for reasons of their own. But whether you are edging towards it to avoid the gender stereotypes in your child’s life or simply because you think it’s fun and cool, you have to come to the right place. In this MomJunction post, we list down 30 gender-neutral baby names from different parts of the world.

1) Arden


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This Hebrew word translates to the garden of Eden. It means a place of solitude and beauty.

2) Adi

Adi comes from the Sanskrit word which means first. It also means ornament or jewel in Hebrew. It is also diminutive for Aditya and Adrianne.

3) Ashton


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Ashton is an English moniker which means ash tree town. It is a popular name for boys and girls alike.

4) Aspen

This name is of American origin and means quaking tree.

5) Avery


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Avery is a name of English origin derived from the words aelf and ric. Aelf means elf and ric means king or power.

6) Beck

Beck is a name of Hebrew and Germanic origin. It means brook, stream or martyr.

7) Bentley


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Bentley is a name of Old English origin. Other than being the name of a car, it is also a place in England and has the meaning ‘a clearing covered with bentgrass.’

8) Casey

Casey means watchful or vigilant and is of Irish origin.

9) Charlie


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This English origin moniker means free man. Now wouldn’t that be a great name for your little guy/girl?

10) Charu


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It is a name of Sanskrit origin. Charu refers to something that is radiant, beautiful, pure, and graceful. This short and sweet name would be a perfect pick for your baby. Don’t you agree?

11) Cody

Cody is a name of Irish Gaelic origin and means wealthy.

12) Dakota


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This moniker is of Native American origin. It means ‘friendly one.’

13) Devan

This name of Irish origin means poet.

14) Eli


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Eli is a name derived from the Hebrew word. It means high; elevated; my God.

15) Fay


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Fay is a moniker of English origin and has the meaning – confidence, trust, belief.

16) Gene

Gene is a name of English origin. It means well-born.

17) Geet


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Geet is a name of Indian origin. It translates to song.

18) Indie

This Indian origin moniker means blue.

19) Ira


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Ira is a name of Hebrew origin which means watchful. It also means ‘the earth’ in Sanskrit.

20) Jackie


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Jackie is a name derived from the moniker John. It means God is gracious.

21) Jessie

Jessie is derived from the Scottish diminutive, Jean. It has multiple origins: Scottish, Hebrew, English. Jessie means wealth; Jehovah exists.

22) Kai

This name of Hawaiian origin means sea.

23) Kashi


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Kashi derived its name from Sanskrit. It means shining and is also the name of a holy place in India.

24) Marlowe

Marlowe is an Old English surname which means drained lake.

25) North


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North is a topographic name of English origin.

26) Nico

This Greek origin moniker means people of victory.

27) Sage


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Sage is a name that has both English and French origin. It means wise man, sensible, and sharp.

28) Sai

Sai is a name of Persian origin and means saint or master.

29) Skyler


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Skyler is a moniker of Danish origin and means ‘bad*** who can do anything’.

30) Yanni

Yanni is a name of both Greek and Indian origin. It means God is gracious; gift of God.

We hope our post has been helpful to you in picking out a gender-neutral moniker for your new bundle of joy. We would love to know the names that caught your attention from the list. So, feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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