15 Gestures That Men Find Cute About A Woman

15 Gestures That Men Find Cute About A Woman

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Men barely convey their likes or dislikes verbally, but they do find certain gestures extremely lovable in their partner. If you haven’t figured it out yet, here are a few pointers that are sure to help:

1. Unexpected PDA’s (public display of affection)

Unexpected PDA’s (public display of affection)

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A gentle squeeze around his fingers while he’s still holding your hand during your shopping sprees, quick good-bye kisses, or welcome hugs are some of the PDA’s that’ll make him miss you more.

2. Wearing His Clothes

Wearing His Clothes

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He may often compliment your glamourous outfits, but chances are he’d have flipped for you the day you borrowed his belt to fasten your jeans, wore his baseball cap, or effortlessly slipped into his tee after ‘accidentally’ spilling coffee on yours.

3. Write To Him

Write To Him

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You both may constantly texting each other, but it’s those small handwritten post-its that you left at his door/desk, or the affectionate notes you’ve written every now and then, that would have melted his heart.

4. Say It With Flowers

Say It With Flowers

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Yes, you’ve read it right! Men love to receive flowers too. Whether it’s to apologize or to cheer him up when he’s sick or if you are missing him, say it with some white flowers, pink carnations or a bunch of red roses!

5. Speak Through Your Eyes

Speak Through Your Eyes

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Not every conversation has to be verbal. When he’s passionately speaking about his latest trysts, look deeply into his excited eyes, engage in some eye banter when you are among friends and smile with your eyes every time you spot him!

6. The Crowning Glory

6. The Crowning Glory

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Men love women’s hair, particularly when they are not fussing about it. A cute pony tail, a bandana or simply the way you hold your hair up with a pencil will only draw him closer to you.

7. Shared Taste Of Music

Shared Taste Of Music

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Have you danced to his favorite hip-hop song, hummed a song together or uncomplainingly listened to every song he played in his car? It could only mean that you both share the same taste of music; also, that you’ve now become an integral part of his favorite activity!

8. Eat from His Plate

Eat from His Plate

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When it comes to food, men are rather prejudiced about what women eat, which they believe is ‘diet’ food. If you have been unabashedly biting into his favorite cheese burger or grabbing a spoonful of dessert from his plate, rest assured he’s completely loving it!

9. Share That Joke

Share That Joke

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Have you both cracked up on the same joke on your social media group? Or had a conversation with a series of funny anecdotes? Having a similar sense of humor is, after all, an attractive advantage.

10. Being Perfectly Imperfect

Being Perfectly Imperfect

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Have you walked straight into a glass wall, landed your foot in a ditch or simply fell on your face and laughed it off? Your ability to laugh at yourself will only make you dearer to him!

11. Care For Him

Care For Him

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When he’s at his low, being there for him, making his favorite food, or running errands for him while he’s unwell are qualities men find endearing.

12. Respecting His Space

Respecting His Space

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You may care a lot for him, but there are times when he is irritable or just wants to be alone, and you completely understand. Letting him be and not trespassing his space is something men really appreciate.

13. Being Organized

Being Organized

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You know practically every stuff that’s kept next to your bed; the exact drawer in office where a file is; the right color of shoes or bag that would go with your outfit; or the digits of his millionth pass word. Men like women who are sorted and in control of their lives.

14. The Finer Details

The Finer Details

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You put your phone aside when he’s talking to you; often repeat an outfit because he loves it on you or switch off the A/C when his sinuses are acting up. Being considerate about the small things that matter to him will make him love you more.n

15. Being Well Informed

Being Well Informed

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You are quick to guide him the route to his destination; can think on your toes when a technical glitch occurs; or know the answer to that whacky question in the quiz. Intelligence has its own charm and appeals to the intellect of a man.

Now that you know more ways to a man’s heart than just his stomach, keep at it, and good luck!

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