Golden Juice for Glowing Skin

Golden Juice

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When you look at other women with flawless skin, do you ever wonder what their secret is? I know, I always do. I can’t help but think whether they are naturally blessed or have discovered some sort of elixir, which they keep as a heavily-guarded secret and won’t ever share with anyone!

Nonetheless, envy is an emotion that, I’m pretty sure, follows in one gigantic gush whenever you see a woman above 30 with no signs of aging – no crow’s feet here, no laugh lines there, no brow ridges or skin dullness! How is that even possible?!

Well, with that being expressed in full force, only recently I found out that that kind of skin can belong to anyone, even you and me! And we don’t really need to be ‘naturally blessed’ or anything of that sort.
All we really need is some Golden Juice!

Well, there really exists an elixir for glowing, youthful skin even if you’re in the precursor stage to the midlife crisis! And that elixir is the Golden Juice. Or more specifically, the Vital Proteins Marine Collagen – a type of health supplement specifically made to impart beauty from within that shows without!

How Can The Vital Proteins Marine Collagen Help You Look Younger?

Marine Collagen

Vital Proteins is quite a reputable name in the category of health supplements. They offer a wide variety of collagen-rich supplements that are loaded with health benefits and the Marine Collagen is no different! Let us explain how.

You see, once you hit the age of 25, aging is a process that is bound to follow. Why? Because once you cross your silver jubilee birthday, the collagen content of your body slowly starts to decline, giving rise to signs of aging such as wrinkles, dullness, and even poor digestion and bone health (1).

Collagen, as we know, is a type of protein that your body produces naturally in huge quantities. This protein actually serves as a foundation for key connective tissues of your body such as skin, hair, nails, joints, gut, and more. So, if your body lacks collagen, your connective tissues are bound to suffer (2).

The Vital Proteins Marine Collagen fixes that by providing you with a generous dose of collagen, which is what your skin really needs to retain its youthful glow. It also makes your hair healthier, your nails stronger and improves your bone and joints health!

This health supplement is also rich in amino acids such as proline and glycine, which boost your immunity and improve the functioning of your digestive and nervous systems (3), (4).

The good thing about the Vital Proteins Marine Collagen is that it is bio-available, which means that you can digest it easily and its nutrients are quickly absorbed into your body, ensuring you get all the benefits. This health supplement is also gluten-free and Whole30-approved so you don’t have to worry about suffering from allergic reactions. Plus, it sources its collagen from the scales of wild red snapper fishes, which makes it extremely healthy (5).

Here’s How You Can Make A Rich Golden Juice Out Of It To Have It Daily And Stay Younger-

Golden recovery juice marine collagen_2

  • 1 peeledorange
  • 2 golden beets
  • A lemon with trimmed ends
  • Half a sweet potato
  • 2 carrots
  • 3-inch piece of ginger
  • 3-inch piece of turmeric
  • 2 scoopfuls of Vital Proteins Marine Collagen


In a bowl, roughly chop beets, orange, sweet potato, carrots, turmeric, ginger, and the lemon (without removing its skin). Now, add these ingredients in a juicer and run the machine till you get a nice, smooth consistency. Pour this rich golden juice into a glass and mix in the scoops of Vital Proteins Marine Collagen. Have it as is.
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If there seriously is a secret potion that can keep you young, healthy, and radiant, the Vital Proteins Marine Collagen is it! Have it daily for a glowing complexion.