16 Gorgeous Baby Boy Names That End In ‘A’

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First of all, a huge congratulations and welcome to the world of parenthood. Now that you finally know that you will be parents to a little boy, the preparations must have begun with selecting the crib, preparing the nursery and buying clothes. And now you have to brainstorm to select the perfect name for your prince. Choosing a name for the little one is never easy, especially because you have options pouring in from everywhere. But the best part is, once you hear the perfect name, you won’t have to think about it twice. Here in this article, we have made a list of names ending in A which has deep meanings to it. So read on to select the one that you love.

1. Ira


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Ira is a gender-neutral name with Hebrew origins. Its direct translation is – the watchful one. The name was trendy in the 1800s but is slowly making a comeback. Who wouldn’t want to name their little one something so crisp and wonderful?

2. Nakoa

Nakoa is a beautiful name for a baby boy. It means family connections and lineage. It has Hawaiian roots and is something that will suit your little one perfectly.

3. Luca

If you are a Disney fan, you must have bookmarked the name immediately. Luca translates to ‘brighter than light,’ and the other alternative forms of the name are Luke and Lucas. It is a trending name and can potentially be in the top highest-rated baby boy names.

4. Mika

Mika is a short and sweet name that can be used both as a nickname and an official name. It has different origins, like Hungarian and Russian, which translates to ‘sweet smelling.’ Who could resist a name like this for their little one?

5. Vlasta


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A baby boy’s name that starts with V is not very common, but we have it for you! Vlasta is a unique name in itself and has Slavic roots. It funnily rolls your tongue while pronouncing it, and it means homeland.

6. Joshua

Joshua is more of a biblical name that is making a comeback. It is a relatively popular name in the US, and if you want to make it crisper, you can keep the name Josh!

7. Ezra

Ezra is a gender-neutral name, but the more you say it aloud, the more it appeals to you as the perfect name for your little one. It is short, crisp, and comes from Hebrew origin. It translates to ‘help.’

8. Koa

If you are fond of a crisp and meaningful name, this may be the one you have been waiting for. Koa is a simple three-letter name that translates to ‘warrior.’ It is also the name of a native tree to Hawaii; either way, we love how it sounds!

9. Ota

This is another name you would want to put tabs on right away. The vowel-heavy name might be as crisp as three letters, but the name translates to wealth in old German.

10. Dakota


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Dakota is a gender-neutral name and is high in demand. It is a Native American name and translates to the friendly one. Now you can see why it is an irresistible choice for your little prince.

11. Khalifa

This popular Arabic name means the successor. The name has a royal ring; you can make it unique by adding an ‘h’ to it.

12. Raja

Raja is a popular Indian name, and the direct translation of the name is King. We like how crisp and meaningful it is, and your son won’t have trouble memorizing the name!

13. Mousa

You won’t find a person with a similar name in years, making it a unique name to bestow your child with. The vowel-heavy name has Arabic roots, and we can see why it is slowly gaining popularity across the globe.

14. Jaja

If you speak Spanish, this name is sure to bring a grin to your face. Yes, it is not as heavy as the other names on our list, but names don’t necessarily have to be all so serious. Jaja is easy to spell and works amazingly for a pet name. Also, the name has African roots and translates to ‘honored one.’

15. Micha


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Micha is a gender-neutral name; anyone who has a thing for meaningful names is sure to stop at this. It is a Russian name that means like the Lord. It has a lingering touch of the name Michael and a unique appeal.

16. Amasa

Doesn’t this name draw a picture of a gentleman? Amasa is a rare biblical name that translates to ‘burden bearer,’ but you can also comprehend it as the responsible one. This is a perfect name for your little prince and adds a retro charm to the name.

Naming a child is not as simple as it seems in novels and movies. Once the baby is handed over to you, chances are you will totally blank out with overwhelming emotions. However, beautiful names are all around you; you just need to keep your ears open to various options. So, which of these names is your instant favorite? Let us know in the comments section!

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