9 Gross Pregnancy Secrets No One Talks About

When you’re pregnant, all people talk about is the positives and happy moments of giving birth to a baby. You receive compliments on how you have that lovely pregnancy glow, how adorable that baby bump is, and how much you will love being a mother.

All of this makes pregnancy sound like an enjoyable experience, right? Unfortunately, there are quite a few pregnancy secrets that are gross and almost unimaginable. Wondering why no one has told you these dirty little secrets? Possibly because if you knew the truth, you might not be as excited to get pregnant; but then again, motherhood is said to be one of the greatest joys of life.

So, be prepared for these 9 disgusting, yet amusing points!

1. Blood And Slime

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After giving birth, you’re usually allowed to hold your baby, but no one tells you how gross it actually is. That adorable human being will be covered in blood, slime, and a gooey substance until it gets cleaned.

2. Blood Clots

This already sounds awful. Blood clots must be removed from the body a few days after giving birth, as they are the nasty leftovers. This is painful and a little horrifying because these clots are not small.

3. Relieving Yourself

Halfway through your pregnancy, you’ll notice how gaseous your body is. You will have gas pains that are almost unbearable, and of course, you will be passing gas. A lot.

4. Bathroom Secrets

While giving birth, the pressure and pushing can result in you going to the toilet DURING delivery. Sadly, the worst part is using the loo after giving birth. It’s an extremely painful experience – you may bleed, burn, or you might have to get re-stitched.

5. Placenta Facts

As if giving birth to a baby isn’t enough, you also have to deliver the placenta. Either someone manually takes it out with his or her hand (ouch), or they push down on your stomach HARD so the pressure allows the placenta to come out. Again, ouch. Both methods are extremely painful, especially because you will be sore to begin with.

6. Not Just Morning Sickness

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The famous morning sickness may become all day long sickness. You may be vomiting everywhere, which leaves you exhausted and dehydrated. Thinking about that delicious pizza you had a few hours ago? It can make a violent appearance instantly. Apart from that, you get backaches, heartburn, groin pains, and numbness.

7. Drool And Sweat Galore

If you never used to snore, thanks to pregnancy, you do now. Your snores will probably be loud and annoying. Plus, you will be drooling like never before – your hair and pillow will feel it. It doesn’t stop at sleep; you can even drool while you eat. Adding to that, you will sweat all the time, leaving stains all over your clothes and bed sheets.

8. Painful Acne

As we all know, during your pregnancy period, your hormones are all over the place. What you might not know is that you can get bad and painful acne. We don’t mean the acne you probably had as a teenager; we mean cystic acne that can develop on your neck, behind your ears, chin, back and chest. However, this does not happen to a lot of women – having pregnancy glow and fabulous skin are true. That being said, the flawlessness may disappear immediately after giving birth, paving way to awful acne.

9. Heightened Sense of Smell

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Pregnant women may have superpower noses. You will be able to smell EVERYTHING, including what others around you have eaten based on their breath. Not only that, you may think you yourself stink really bad, which means certain types of food will put you off – they will smell absolutely disgusting. You may even want to ban those foods for the duration of your pregnancy. Also, your nose will have quite a few nosebleeds and may even keep running constantly.

These 9 secrets paint a not-so-nice picture of pregnancy, but remember that each woman may have different experiences. However, if you do experience any of the above points, you’ll know that it’s quite normal.

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