8 Gross Things Your Body Does When You’re In Love

Gross Things Your Body Does When You’re In Love

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Ahh! Love. What’s life without love? Being in love is an exhilarating feeling. Your heart beats fast, you feel butterflies in your stomach, your cheeks turn all red, and you hear music everywhere you go. You are dancing on your toes and singing loudly and everything is pleasant and beautiful. All the corny and cliche stuff which you might have hated until then suddenly starts making sense to you when you are oh, so madly and deeply in love. But swooning over someone can also be stressful. And your body can betray your mind by doing some gross things when you are so busy falling for someone. Here we list out 10 such things.

1. Your Breath Stinks

Your Breath Stinks

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You want to impress your date with your wit and charm. But if you have bad breath, it can be a huge turnoff. And stress might be one of the reasons for your bad breath. If you suspect that you have bad breath, make sure to eat well and stay hydrated. And it’s also a good idea to stay away from foods such as garlic and onion.

2. You Start Getting Pimples

You Start Getting Pimples

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Your last breakout might have been when you were in high school, but that won’t stop your skin from acting out now. Certain hormones such as cortisol might be the culprit here. When you are stressed, your body starts producing more oil causing your skin to break out (1).

3. You Stink

You Stink

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It doesn’t matter if you have showered, shaved, waxed, or put on deodorant, there is a chance you are still going to smell funky. However, the good news is that your sweat contains pheromones which will make your partner feel more attracted to you (2). If you feel you stink, you can carry deodorant in your handbag or keep some wet wipes handy at all times.

You Burp

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When you are excitedly talking with your sweetheart, you might end up talking really fast and swallowing a lot of air. And that air has to pass through somewhere. Be thankful it’s through your mouth. And who knows, you and your partner might turn it into a burping contest at the end (3).

5. Your Palms Sweat Among Other Body Parts


Have you ever felt your palms becoming all sweaty when you are talking to your crush? Yes, stress could be one of the reasons for it (4). And sweating might make you feel even more nervous and stressed, which will make you sweat even more. So, the best thing you can do is try to calm yourself by taking a few deep breaths.

6. Your Heart Races

Your Heart Races

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Seeing your beloved one might set your heart pounding. We often hear phrases like ‘skipping a beat’ and ‘racing heart’ when we describe the feeling of love. But is it such a good thing? Do you want to seem like you are out of breath when you are facing your loved one? A calmer version definitely seems better and cooler, doesn’t it?

7. Your Stomach Growls


You are all snuggled up with your sweetheart and watching your favorite TV series with popcorn in your hand. And in that quiet and romantic moment, your stomach starts roaring like a T Rex. It can be embarrassing, but we’re sure your partner would understand. Your stomach can gurgle due to several reasons such as not eating right or drinking enough water. It could also be a result of stress and anxiety (5).

8. You Pass Out

You Pass Out

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Have you ever felt weak in the knees when you are talking to someone you like (very, very much)? If your blood pressure drops, there is a chance that you might faint and hit the floor (6). Nobody wants to be wobbly when they are near ‘the one’. So make sure you are eating right and staying hydrated. If you experience any frequent episodes of passing out, then it’s best to consult a doctor to find out if there are any underlying causes, you know, besides being in love.

Being in love can be embarrassing, gross, and hilarious to say the least. But we ‘re sure your potential someone would never cringe if you accidentally burp or fart. Chances are, they might be waiting for you to let loose so that they can follow suit.