6 Gross Things They Don't Tell You About Childbirth

6 Gross Things They Don't Tell You About Childbirth

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Giving birth to a child can be an amazing experience. We all know that pregnancy can help empower women and be really difficult and painful at the same time. However, there is something about childbirth that does not come out of the delivery room at a hospital.

Below are 6 unbelievably gross things that happen when you give childbirth:

1: There is a great chance that you might poop during childbirth

Yes, you read it correct. All that pushing to get your child out of your womb can cause other things to come out as well. It is a women’s worst nightmare to soil themselves in public. However, within the delivery room, this seems to be a common practice. There is no need to feel embarrassed as to what you have just done as the nurse is most likely used to this sight and will actually clean it up for you as well.

Reading such things before delivery can totally make you feel gross. Then again, during labor, you might not even be concerned about this since you have much bigger things to worry about.

2: First a baby, then a placenta

That’s right delivering a baby is only half of what a woman needs to get out of her body to complete the process of childbirth. Your doctor may have told you that the bond you share with your child is actually known as the placenta. This gross looking organ needs to be taken out of your vagina as well.

Just when you think you are done delivering your baby, you see a nurse come up and try pulling something else from your body. To make matters worse, some nurses will literally punch you in the gut to make sure the placenta comes out in one piece since it can easily shred while pulling it out with force.

3: Getting rid of the mucus plug

Before you read this next point, make sure you have a puke bag handy. This gross discharge actually serves an extremely vital role during the pregnancy process. Mucus creates a barrier referred to as the mucus plug in order to protect your child from bacteria that would have otherwise entered through your cervix.

As you go into labor, your cervix dilates making this mucus to run out of your body. This can be a disgusting sight.

4: Episiotomy

Giving birth to a child is far from a beautiful scene. There are no flowers or songs of laughter. In fact, if there one word to describe it, it would be horror. Sometimes, the doctor may need to manually increase the size of the opening in order to allow the baby to come out of your vagina. As she raises her knife and slashes at your vagina, blood spurts everywhere just like a horror movie. And that is what we call an episiotomy. This can be a common sight during childbirth [1].

5: The baby

Now, before you close this page in anger, hear us out. Your baby will not look how they should at the time of delivery. This is because they are completely drenched by all those body fluids inside you. Furthermore, their head may resemble a cone since their skull changes shape in order for them to come out of your vagina. You should not panic, as your baby will start looking better gradually.

6: Uncontainable Farts

Once you have taken the epidural, you will not be able to feel or control the lower half of your body [2]. This means that there is an extremely high chance of you farting in the nurse’s face during the delivery process!

Honestly, with your body medicated and under severe pain, there is probably no way you are going to bother about anything apart from when it will all be over. If anyone, the nurses are probably the biggest losers in this situation!

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