Growth Chart: Length And Weight Of The Fetus Week By Week

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Would it be he or she? How does it look? Will he/ she be tall? Will he/she be healthy? Soon after you conceive, you begin to imagine everything about the baby.

The first time my husband and I saw my baby’s heartbeat on the monitor during my ultrasound, it was like a dream! We were moved to see the tiny life growing within me. And then began our tracking process. At every check-up, we would make sure to ask the doctor some specific questions about the baby’s growth, especially his height and weight. It was reassuring to hear from the doctor that everything’s perfectly normal.

Knowing the height and weight of the growing fetus will help understand and eliminate any disorders, and ensure that the baby is healthy. If you want to know the exact parameters of your baby, here’s a week-by-week growth chart of the fetus.

Gestational AgeLengthWeight
Week 40.0781.98
From the fifth week, measurements are taken from crown of the head to bottom of the rear end (CRL) – this measurement is used until 20 weeks.
5 weeks0.1183 mm< 1g
6 weeks3/4th on an inch19.05mm< 1g
7 weeks< 1 inch2.54cm0.00625g
8 weeks12.54cm1g
9 weeks1.674.24cm2g
10 weeks25.08cm1/4 oz4g
11 weeks2.56.35cm1/2 oz7g
12 weeks0.1183 mm14g
13 weeks3/4th on an inch19.05mm23g
14 weeks< 1 inch2.54cm43g
15 weeks12.54cm70g
16 weeks1.674.24cm100g
17 weeks25.08cm1/4 oz140g
18 weeks2.56.35cm1/2 oz190g
19 weeks3.158cm1 oz240g
20 weeks9.5cm1¼ oz300g
21 weeks8 ½21.6cm12 oz360g
22 weeks1025cm14 oz430g
23 weeks11-1428-36cm1 lb501g
24 weeks12 ½32cm1¼ to 1½ lbs600g
25 weeks1333cm1½-1¾ lbs660g
26 weeks13.3834cm2 lbs760g
27 weeks13 ¾35cm2¼ lbs875g
28 weeks14 ¼36cm2 ½ lbs1.13kg
29 weeks14 ½37cm2 ¾ lbs1.25kg
30 weeks15.1538.5cm3 lbs1.4kg
31 weeks15 ½39.4cm3 ½-4 lbs1.6-1.8kg
32 weeks1640.6cm4-4 ½ lbs1.8-2kg
33 weeks16 ½42cm4 ½-5 lbs2-2.3kg
34 weeks17 ½44.5cm5-5 ½ lbs2.3-2.5kg
35 weeks17-1843.2-45.7cm5 ½-6 lbs2.5-2.7kg
36 weeks17½ – 1944.5-48.3cm5 ¾-6 ¾ lbs2.6-3.1kg
37 weeks1845.7cm6-7 lbs2.7-3.2kg
38 weeks17-2043.2-50.8cm6 ¼ to 7 ½ lbs2.8-3.4kg
39 weeks18-20 ½45.7-52cm6½-8 lbs2.9-3.6kg
40 weeks19-2148.3-53.3cm6¾ – 10 lbs3-4.5kg

Remember that not all babies will grow similarly. Just as every woman’s pregnancy is unique, the growth pattern too may vary from one baby to another. When in doubt get all your concerns addressed by your doctor.

The growth of the baby inside the womb is a very overwhelming experience. It fills you with happiness and watching the baby grow is even better. It’s a wonderful journey with some sweet-sour experiences.

Do you have a story to share with us about your baby’s growth? Let us know by commenting below.

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