A Guide To Better Skin Care Regime

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There’s no denying that following a proper baby skin-care routine is the only way to keep all kinds of skin issues at bay. Oh, and it also helps in keeping your baby’s skin, well, baby soft! However, the plethora of do’s and don’ts regarding baby skincare along with the multiple products in the market can make the whole process very confusing!

But don’t worry. We’re here to help you out! To ensure you always follow the best skincare regimen for your infant, we’ve put together a comprehensive skincare guide. This guide lists everything you should do to get sweet smiles from your baby rather than that cranky pout –

1. Oil Massage Your Baby

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In the hustle and bustle of today’s life, a lot of mothers skip the very important step of giving their baby a pre-bath oil massage. Oil massages are necessary for the baby and the mother though. Apart from being a great bonding experience, an oil massage will help improve your baby’s mood, enhance blood circulation and boost development (1), (2), (3). Besides, the oil acts as a barrier on your baby’s skin during a bath and prevents excessive moisture loss.

If you don’t have baby oil and would like to add one to your baby care, we recommend Himalaya’s Baby Massage Oil. It’s a 100% natural oil with skin-friendly ingredients such as winter cherry and olive oil.

2. Cleanse Gently

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First things first, babies don’t need a daily bath! Twice or thrice a week is more than enough for them. When giving your baby a bath, make sure the water is of the right temperature. Also, ensure you use the mildest products, be it shampoos, soaps or baby washes.

The number of choices in the market can make picking the best baby care products really difficult. So if you want a tip, you should really take the advice of pediatricians and dermatologists! Most of them recommend Himalaya’s baby soaps and washes as they are very gentle on the skin while being refreshing.

3. Moisturize Deeply

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The next step in your baby care regimen should be moisturization. Your baby’s skin is very delicate and can easily dry out with even the slightest change in temperature. Loss of excess of moisture from your baby’s skin can cause problems such as itchiness, rashes, and eczema. Hence, you should make it a point to use a highly hydrating baby lotion such as Himalaya’s Baby Lotion. You can also add a layer Himalaya’s Baby Cream to give your baby’s skin that extra protection.

4. Treat Existing Problems

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Does your baby suffer from diaper rash or prickly heat? Then after moisturizing your baby, you should focus on treating the existing skin problems your baby has. Prompt treatment for such skin problems can prevent them from worsening over time. However, you should only use doctor-recommended treatment products such as Himalaya’s Prickly Heat Baby Powder or Diaper Rash Cream. Using anything else can lead to nasty side effects!

5. Prevent Skin Issues

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Prevention is better than cure, they say. And your baby deserves all the loving protection you can give! To keep your baby’s skin soft and out of harm’s way, make it a point to follow preventive measures. Most skin issues such as cradle cap, eczema, diaper rash, etc., can be avoided if you use gentle baby care products and intensely moisturize your baby’s skin. Again, the importance of using suitable products cannot be stressed enough. Also, make sure your baby is dressed in soft, breathable materials at all times.

Following these 5 simple steps can go a long way in ensuring your baby’s skin remains just as radiant, soft, and smooth as he/she was born with! Just remember to use the right products like those made by Himalaya.

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