5 Hacks To Make Diaper Duty Easy And Calm

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As a parent-to-be or a new parent you might be dreading diaper duty, and it can feel like a herculean task. After all, there is so much to consider when it comes to the simple exercise of changing your baby. Containing the bodily fluids, preventing diaper rash, navigating baby clothes with varying methods of snapping (or zipping), not to mention mastering the art of calming an incessantly crying baby while you are trying to simultaneously clean them up and put on a fresh pair of diapers. Who knew one job could get so complicated? Parents often have to learn to gauge the mood their baby is in, in order to know what they are going to deal with on the dressing table. Some babies love changes and are very animated while others absolutely hate it and find it stressful. But whatever the temperament of your baby may be, it’s always good to have a few diaper duty hacks on hand to ensure that the task is easy and goes over calmly. If you’d like to know more, read on!

1. Familiarize Yourself With The Diaper Even Before Baby Arrives

Familiarize Yourself With The Diaper Even Before Baby Arrives

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Step number one is to get to know one another. Introduce yourself to the world of diapers. That’s right, there are different kinds and they work differently. So, it’s best to browse the stores for options, do some research and get down to business even before your baby arrives. Learning the basics before the arrival of your baby will save you a lot of time and save you from chaos. Trust us, when the baby finally gets here, you’re going to be a whole lot busier than you anticipated. So practice diaper changes on a doll before the due date. This will get you used to what needs to be done and when. That’s half of the diaper work done right there!

2. Choose Leak-free Contoured Diapers That Fit Your Baby

Choose Leak-free Contoured Diapers That Fit Your Baby

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Remember how we mentioned that there were different kinds of diapers? This is where that little titbit of information comes into play. It’s imperative that you find the right kind of diaper for your baby. However, if your main focus is to make diaper changes easier, less messy, and fuss-free, you’ll want to stock up on the right kind of diaper to handle the task, which is a leak-free contoured diaper. These diapers offer active babies the close fit thanks to its special contoured shape. So, it hugs your baby and ensures that there is no chance of any spillage taking place. Make sure you make a note of when your baby needs to move up a diaper size so that the diaper is not constricting for your baby.

3. Having Multiple Changing Stations

Having Multiple Changing Stations

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And no we don’t mean multiple changing tables. Ditch the solo changing table concept. It’s restrictive and unrealistic. Instead, make sure you have a small changing station in a couple of places in the house. This can be as easy as having a few decorative boxes around your home with a changing pad, some diapers, ointment, a little toy, and perhaps even a change of clothes. Nothing wrong with being prepared. This is more effective and convenient for both parent and baby. Not to mention that this way, your baby will get used to their diaper being changed anywhere. On the coach, the floor, on the bed or the back of the car. So doing diaper changes outside in a new environment will be relatively calmer than if your baby was used to their changing table alone.

4. Create Distractions

Create Distractions

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Speaking of keeping your baby calm, there’s nothing that works better than creating a distraction. New parents will use this trick a lot and they should absolutely abuse it during diaper changes. You could hand a toy over to your baby and let them play with it as you change their diaper quickly. Something with a bit of noise, like a rattle works best. But, in addition to a toy you can also sing or talk to them and hold eye contact while changing their diaper. Singing songs or rhymes that you know your baby loves is also a great way to keep them entertained and calm during diaper changes. No muss no fuss!

5. Parents Need To Stay Calm Too

There’s no way your baby is going to remain calm if you are a flustered mess. It’s important to stay calm and lighthearted even if you encounter some kicking, crying or mess along the way. Instead, take deep breaths and laugh or giggle even if your little one is putting up a fight. They will eventually catch on and calm down.

Diaper duty doesn’t have to be dreadful and dull. With a few hacks up your sleeve, you’ll have no problem at all changing your baby with ease. Be patient with yourself as you practice this skill and the rest will fall into place. Happy parenting!

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