5 Hacks To Make Your Baby’s Hair Grow Faster

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One can never get tired of playing with a baby. Some parents enjoy experimenting with different hairstyles on them and others playfully give them funny hairdos. While parents ensure to take care of their little ones to perfection, it is also important to realise that babies need a hair care regime as well. Hereditary qualities play a major role in deciding the volume of your baby’s hair but it can also boosted by proper care.

Here are some tips to speed up and strengthen your baby’s hair growth!

1. A Simple Oil Massage Can Work Wonders

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Babies enjoy scalp massaging as much as adults do. Scalp massaging has more benefits than relaxing your nerves and easing out stress. It not only improves blood circulation but also nourishes and moisturises the scalp to keep it non-itchy and flake-free. This is essential for newborn babies as they often tend to have dry skin after birth.

Different oils can be experimented with to see what best suits your baby’s hair. Oil massages can either be given hours before a bath or be left overnight in the baby’s hair. Oils like coconut oil, almond oil, amla oil, mustard oil, olive oil, castor oil or ayurvedic oils work the best. Mixing these oils too will work wonders. Some mixtures like coconut oil and castor oil on alternative days can make the hair stronger.

Coconut oil can also be heated after adding a few rice grains and 4-5 pepper seeds. Allow it to cool down. When massaged on a scalp, it boosts hair growth.

2. Daily Dose Of Nutrition

What you eat shows on your body. This statement stands true even for babies. Babies, especially, need more nutrition in their diet for their growing and developing bodies. Protein intake is the best remedy for not only hair growth but overall development. Apricots, pumpkins, salmons, carrots, almonds, eggs, and walnuts provide your baby with a daily dose of protein.

The diet should also include an intake of vitamin D, E, biotin or vitamin B7, and B12. 2-3 almonds and dates a day will also be enough to enhance hair volume.

3. Baby Hair Friendly Washes

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It is always advisable to use mild soap or shampoos for your baby’s scalp. Also, the frequency of hair wash should be only 3-4 times a week. For smooth hair texture, oiling before a hair wash and conditioning is advised. It also helps detangle curly or dry hair.

Natural conditioners are even better as they are devoid of chemicals. Curd, egg whites, hibiscus, a mixture of honey and virgin oil or a combination of avocado pulp, a tablespoon of honey and coconut milk just before hair wash act as natural conditioners.

4. Gelatin For Lustrous Hair

Gelatin is known to have properties that enhance hair growth, add lustre and even reduce frizz. It contains glycine and proline (amino acids), which form an essential part of our diet. But since babies majorly depend on liquids, they cannot easily digest gelatin as a part of their diet. It can instead be included in your baby’s hair care regime.

By mixing it with equal proportions of hot and cold water, apple cider vinegar, and a teaspoon of honey, you can make a highly nourishing massage serum for your baby’s scalp. Once it dries, use a mild shampoo or a soap to wash it.

While conditioners may contain silicone that adds artificial shine and damages hair in the longer run, gelatin contains keratin proteins that strengthens hair and causes no harm (1).

5. Brush Strokes To Detangle

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One would seldom want to run the harsh strokes of brushes through the delicate scalp of babies. But avoiding brushing or simply running your fingers through their hair might make cause tangles, leading to knot formations. To avoid this, gently combing or brushing after every wash is advised. On a daily basis too, brushing would strengthen the roots of the hair and improve blood circulation. Curly hair especially needs to be combed as once tangled, you will have to cut them to get rid of the knots.

Now that you know that your baby’s short and sweet hair is so precious and can become healthier through such effortless methods, you can include a hair care routine for your baby pampering sessions and enjoy it as much as the baby would!

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