11 'Harmless' Phrases That Can Transform A Pregnant Woman Into A Momzilla In A Matter Of Seconds

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Pregnant women might experience bouts of extreme emotions and irritability that can be challenging to manage. But such nervousness can actually be easily explained. Expecting moms worry for their infants and are under enormous stress realizing the magnitude of the duty and the physical changes that pregnancy brings. Thus, even the most innocuous words can cause severe reactions if said carelessly. To make things easier for expectant mothers, visiting friends and relatives, we compiled a list of words and phrases to avoid using around them. Read to know them all!

1. Rules And Regulations Of Every Sort

Rules And Regulations Of Every Sort

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Be it science-backed or plain superstitions, a pregnant woman has a long list of dos and don’ts to follow no matter what she does. It is about eating, drinking, walking, sleeping, and everything you do daily! No one likes to live by so many prohibitions. Honestly, you don’t need to. Not every person giving you advice is an expert on the topic, so it’s best to check in with your doctor and let every other suggestion pass by you.

2. Reassuring Words To Calm Their Nerves

Reassuring Words To Calm Their Nerves

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Expecting moms will be concerned about their baby, which is natural. Besides, their bodies are going through a natural hormonal upheaval. Avoid saying such things like,”You need to calm down.” if you genuinely care about making their life simpler since they will have the opposite effect.

3. Comparing Pregnancy With Sickness

Comparing Pregnancy With Sickness

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Even if being pregnant makes you feel tired and nauseated all the time, it is not at all a medical condition. You may want to help a pregnant lady and reduce her workload, but don’t try treating her because she is not suffering from any ailment.

4. Insensitive Inquiries Concerning Their Intimate Life

Insensitive Inquiries Concerning Their Intimate Life

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This is the rudest possible question to ask a pregnant lady. The nature of the baby’s conception and how the couple’s intimate life is is their personal matter to discuss. No matter how inquisitive you are, keep the questions to yourself.

5. “Oh, You Have A Large Tummy!”

Oh, You Have A Large Tummy

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A standard follow-up to this statement is an attempt at touching the tummy. Don’t do this unless you’re close to the parents-to-be! Don’t invade her personal space. Also, don’t bother reminding her of her tummy size; she already knows how big her tummy is and has access to a mirror.

6. “At the beginning of my pregnancy, I…”

At the beginning of my pregnancy, I

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When a sentence starts with “When I was pregnant, the belly was…” the consequences are never good. Women expecting a child may experience increased anxiety and begin to suspect something is amiss. Even if a pregnant woman is confident that her child will be healthy when she hears stories, she begins to compare her situation with you, and that might make her worry more.

7. “Do You Need Baby Clothes?”

Do You Need Baby Clothes

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Tread the topic very carefully when it comes to baby clothes. New moms love shopping for their baby clothing and making their own selections. In such a circumstance, keep in mind that your kind offer may be misconstrued as an attempt to get rid of the things you no longer want or need. Instead, if they accept your offer, show them what you have and let them pick out what they want.

8. Asking About The Gender Of The Baby

Asking About The Gender Of The Baby

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There are tests, including ultrasounds, that can determine the gender of the baby if the mother is interested. However, if the mother is not talking about it or is not close to you, don’t step on the boundaries and try to ask questions that make her uncomfortable.

9. Baby Name-Related Queries

Baby Name-Related Queries

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Only very close friends or family are permitted to ask this. It’s inappropriate to ask such questions unless the mother herself wants to talk about her baby’s names. For superstitious reasons, some people may not discuss potential name choices with others. And even if you think it’s absurd, you should still give it due consideration.

10. “You Want To Start Your Maternity Leave Right Away?”

You Want To Start Your Maternity Leave Right Away

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Although you might say this to ensure she is comfortable in her workspace, she might take it otherwise. It may seem like you don’t think she’s doing a good job. Instead of asking her about her maternity leave, you may give assistance so that she doesn’t have to get up as often.

11. “You Should Have Some Salty Snacks Now.”

You Should Have Some Salty Snacks Now

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Well, no. Give her free reign over her diet. Keep in mind that she has a life growing inside her, so her cravings and diet needs won’t be the same as others. You don’t need to interrupt her meals as long as her nutrient needs are fulfilled and she is not eating something harmful to her health.

Pregnancy is no cakewalk, and anyone who has given birth or seen pregnancy closely will tell you how the mother undergoes numerous physical and mental changes. With the sudden surges in hormones, tiredness, and racing heartbeat, anyone can lose their mind and transform into a momzilla with a minute inconvenience. All they need is lots and lots of patience and someone to tie their shoelaces for them! So, would you like to add anything to our list? Let us know in the comments section!

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