Here’s How Kareena Kapoor Lost Her Weight Post Pregnancy

Here’s How Kareena Kapoor Lost Her Weight Post Pregnancy

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Recently when Kareena Kapoor went live on Facebook with her dietician Rujuta Diwekar, it garnered over 8.7 lakh views with most of them being women who were curious about Kareena shedding weight post pregnancy with such ease.

The duo spoke about the actress’s diet plan and how it was important to diet the right way.

During her pregnancy, Kareena put on 18kg, and post-pregnancy she looks slimmer as she is glowing more after her son’s birth.

During her pregnancy, Kareena had a lot of parathas and ghee. No wonder she had put on all that weight as she flaunted her double chin during pregnancy. People had advised her to eat meat or grilled fish to avoid putting on weight, but she believed in following a conventional diet in the required amounts. As for managing to shed the weight, she says that the idea is to have faith and to follow the diet in a continuous and sustainable way.

Her dietician Rujuta Diwekar suggests that one should not rush into the weight-loss process but must take one step at a time unlike when you are on an extreme diet whereby you fall back on eating more.

Here are the key takeaways from the live chat:

  1. According to Kareena, you should aim at not just losing weight, but not rushing to do so overnight. It would take longer, but you want to feel energetic, light, and happy through your weight loss regimen. Quick weight-loss diets were a strict no by her dietitian.
  1. Kareena, who has been religiously having a big glass of milk every night, says that women should be aware that you lose five years of calcium from the body in one pregnancy. So when you aim at getting back the pre-pregnancy figure, you should also work towards accelerating the calcium levels in the body. Her dietician, Diwekar, adds that milk has a lot of CLA or conjugated linoleic acid which helps you burn more fat including the short chain fatty acids which lead to mobilization of fat from stubborn areas such as the tummy.
  1. Speaking about the undereye circles a number of women develop post pregnancy, Diwekar advises to up the intake of foods rich in iron and Vitamin B12 such as curd, buttermilk, and pickle. She says that sesame seeds are rich in iron and vitamin B12 which help in reducing your dark circles. Bajra-roti with jaggery and ghee or coconut with jaggery help increase the iron levels. The idea is not to binge but have these in a controlled manner.
  1. Kareena was hesitant about the rice she was asked to eat not once but twice a day. Diwaker explains that eating rice brings back a lot of good bacteria which may be washed out from the body during delivery.
  1. Diwekar warns not to get into crash-diet mode because it could lead to pregnancy thyroid or other lifestyle disorders. The intake of the calories is reduced so much that the body slows down its metabolism.
  1. She also advises on not just losing weight but also rebuilding your muscle and bone density. You look compact with more muscle and bone on you than with less muscle and bone which makes you look flabbier. A crash diet precisely makes your body flabbier.
  1. Both Kareena and Rujuta swear by walking to supplement your diet. Rujuta says that walking is the best exercise in the world. A 20-30 minute walk a day can help you get in shape while also strengthening your core muscles.

So, which of these would you begin to work on? Remember, that hurrying up will gibe you only short term results. If you wish to stay healthy always, then follow the tips above!

Let us know if you had employed any of these during and after yr pregnancy in the comments below. Happy pregnancy to you!

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