Here's The Real Reason Every New Mom Must Breastfeed And How You Can Help Them

Breastfeeding is extremely crucial for the wellbeing of both the child and the mother after the delivery of the baby. Not only does breastmilk supply the infant with the nutrients that they need, they also have important antibodies that are easy to digest. This is why all healthcare professionals advise that moms breastfeed their little one’s until they reach 6 months old at the very least. But in recent years many women have stopped breastfeeding their babies due to numerous challenges and the societal pressure to bounce back right after giving birth to their child. But if you’d like to know why it is imperative that mothers breastfeed their babies and how you can make this process easier for them, this is the article for you! Read on to know more.

Why Must Mothers Breastfeed?

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Breastfeeding is a privilege that every mother has in order to sustain her child by giving them the proper nutrients they need during their formative months. Sadly, with changing lifestyles and hectic schedules, new moms are struggling to continue to breastfeed for longer. Sure baby formula exists but that is not a suitable substitute for breastmilk unless the mother is unable to pump any breast milk from the time the delivery happens. Handling a baby is a lot of care and requires proper attention. But that being said, breastfeeding is not the easygoing process that it is made up to be. However, women are significantly more likely to achieve their breastfeeding goals if they are supported prenatally, in the maternity care facility and after discharge. And this is absolutely integral as the more the child is given natural, mother’s milk, the more it increases their immunity. A child with strong immunity will be able to fight disease more effectively. So, it’s in your best interest to make sure that the mother of the baby has all the support she needs in order to create an environment conducive to breastfeeding her newborn.

Here are a few ways in which you can help:

1. Family Support

Family Support

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Family is everything, especially when your new addition requires so much care and attention. A new mother has to deal with so many things. Recovering from surgery and birth, suffering from fatigue and learning how to fit a baby into their lives is no easy task. All these factors can end up making breastfeeding very difficult and if there is no support, the breastfeeding relationship can be lost within days or sometimes even hours. This will have a long term effect on the mother, the baby and even the family’s future. So, it’s important to help support the mother in any way you can. Help her pump milk. Make sure she is eating well balanced nutritious meals and take over night duty so that she can rest as much as possible.

2. Get Professional Help

Get Professional Help

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Sometimes the mother might just not get the hang of the breastfeeding process and that’s where you can ask for professional help. If you are having trouble breastfeeding your baby, that’s perfectly okay. Nowadays hospitals offer help with experienced lactation consultants who give the right guidance and help that you need. Lactating consultants are there to provide individual assistance to the mother of a newborn child. They help her with technical issues, such as improving the baby’s latch, solving common problems faced by new mothers from engorged boobs to blocked ducts, helping the mothers understand the best way to ensure that their baby is getting enough milk, finding the causes for low milk production and relieving the engorgement of the breasts by using a breast pump.

3. Stop Shaming Moms For Breastfeeding In Public

Shaming Moms For Breastfeeding

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Feeding a baby is the most natural thing on earth so there is no reason to gawk at the mother for breastfeeding. Although there have been many instances in the past that have shamed women for breastfeeding in public, it’s time to move past that old notion. Demoralizing and ridiculing women for taking care of their babies and providing them with food is intolerable. Breastfeeding in public should be treated as a normal and necessary process. It’s just a part of life.

4. Make Her Feel Comfortable

Make Her Feel Comfortable

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Breastfeeding can be an uncomfortable and tiring process so try to make the mother as comfy as possible. Bring her a pillow, let her watch her favorite show while the baby feeds. Feed her food if she is unable to eat due to constantly breastfeeding the newborn. These are all small ways in which you can make a big difference. At the end of the day, you want her to be able to breastfeed without it causing too much of a strain.

Breastfeeding may not be the easy magical journey that you envisioned but it is still extremely important for the health of your baby. This is why one should encourage moms to breastfeed by making it easier for them to do so which can be accomplished by taking small measures.

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