Here's What You Need To Know About Natural Caesarean

Would you let your baby deliver itself? Video shows woman’s ‘natural caesarean’… where doctors allow the newborn to wriggle out of their mother in its own time

When you say a Caesarean, the first thing that comes to your mind is making an incision surgically so as to bring your baby out into the world. Pretty invasive. But what if one said a ‘Natural Caesarean’? Contradictory, right?

Well, the new method of Caesarean section called Natural Caesarean is on a rise these days. The new method is partly invasive in that one allows the baby to crawl out of its mother’s womb, so in a way, the baby helps delivers himself as he wriggles out!

Natural Caesarean is supposed to cause less distress to the baby than the traditional C-section. It is also, apparently, aids in strengthening the bond between the mother and the child. A Natural caesarean birth is beneficial in that it allows the baby to make a slow and a calm arrival into the world as opposed to being removed from the womb briskly and then being taken away from the mother although for a few minutes.

The method involves doctors making an incision in the womb to bring out the baby’s head. The baby is then allowed to propel out his shoulders first, just as in natural birth. It might take about four minutes for the baby to come out. Then the baby is positioned on the mother’s chest which promotes mother-child bonding. But since the procedure involves surgery, consent is sought from the parents, and it is first ensured that the mother is in a fit state to have her baby on her chest(1). The best part about this? The parents are the first to see the gender.

The technique has been positively received by couples who consented to applying natural Caesarean with no adverse remarks in more than 100 procedures so far. However, quite a few women were apprehensive about the procedure as they did not want to see the insides of their abdomen. They, however, later learned that the baby ‘blocks the hole’ and the screen goes back up after delivery. Further, the maternal position does not enable or let the mother see her own anatomy.

In natural Caesareans, the time interval between the incision to delivery is longer, but it remains within three minutes recommended optimal neonatal condition. During this incision-to-delivery time, the crying of the baby has been established apart from ensuring that the placental circulation is intact. It also appears that natural caesarean babies achieve a healthy Apgar score before the baby is completely outside its mother’s womb.

The doctors also ensure that the baby receives adequate thermal care. Since the baby is born in an operation theater which has air conditioning, the baby might suffer heat loss. The baby might be placed under the radiation heat of Resuscitaire before he is swaddled and placed on the mother’s chest while keeping the temperature not less than 25°C.

A video that shows Sarah Saunder from Devon posted a natural Caesarean on YouTube. The video shows her baby wriggling his body out of the womb. The video has garnered more than 54,000 views. In her YouTube clip, Ms Saunders says that a natural Caesarean is the next best alternative if you are not able to give birth naturally. She says that she shared the video on the internet because this birth experience is something she will always cherish. In posting the video, she also believes that people might benefit from watching, so it might be nice if they can share the experience.

You can watch that Ms Saunders is very calm as the tiny head slowly emerges and she hears her baby boy crying as he wriggles out of her womb by himself.

The video has received quite a positive response as quite a few audience thought that the birth was beautiful.

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