7 Hilarious Accidents Parents Regret Making

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Sometimes, despite wanting the best for our kids, we can end up making some really poor choices. It could be something as simple as leaving an open bag of flour on the kitchen table or deciding we are qualified enough to cut our kid’s hair like salon professionals. However, the results are most often hilarious, even when your kids end up in a sticky situation or may have a slight meltdown over their new look. Continue reading our post as we list down seven hilarious accidents parents regret making.

7. Cutting Your Little Girl’s Bangs


You should never cut your own bangs, let alone your kids. But we are often misled by DIY videos of women cutting their bangs effortlessly, which makes us believe that we could do it too. But alas, the end result can be disastrous, and your kid might vow never to touch foot in her school premises again until her hair grows back. So while you may feel confident that you have the skills to cut your kid’s hair, it’s best to leave it to professionals. However, the good news is that your kid’s hair will grow back so that they won’t be permanently scarred for life.

6. Leaving The Makeup Kit Accessible

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Kids are always curious about makeup and other cosmetic items. They love watching their mama put on makeup and are often triggered to try it upon themselves. So, if you ever leave your makeup bag accessible to kids, be prepared for a whole new level of disaster. Your precious lipsticks are probably going to be the first thing they get their hands on, probably because it reminds them of crayons. Not only will your makeup kit be wrecked beyond repair, but the post-mess cleanup is also going to be a real pain too. However, don’t forget to take a photo or video of your kids as a hilarious reminder of the time they destroyed your makeup kit. If you’re not laughing now, you’re definitely going to enjoy it a couple of years down the road.

5. Disturbing A Sleeping Infant


Disturbing a sleeping baby is one risk that no parent ever wants to take. Because God knows it’ll take forever before you can put them to sleep again. A peacefully sleeping baby is a beautiful sight for most parents because it’s the only time they get to have a snack, take a nap, or have a little ‘me time’. But sometimes we are faced with difficult situations; for example, when our littles ones fall asleep in our arms until our arms feel numb or when we are stuck with a baby in the backseat of a car and now run the risk of waking the baby by moving the stroller to the front steps.

4. Letting Your Child Feed Themselves When You Are Running Late

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Letting your child feed themselves is a crucial milestone in every parent’s life as it helps them be a little more independent and gives you some free time. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that this developmental milestone can get a whole lot messy. Every toddler parent is aware of how messy it can get when their little one starts eating on their own. Kids like to touch and feel the food to get familiar with the texture before putting it in their mouths. And even then, the food usually ends up everywhere—the floor, the dinner table, and even spattered on the walls. So, if you don’t want to spend the next half hour scrubbing food off the floor and walls, it might be a good idea to feed your toddler if you’re running against time.

3. Going For A Makeover


Babies are generally known to be taken aback whenever their parents go for a totally different look. This mostly holds true when dads decide to shave off their beard. Babies are so used to seeing their parents a certain way that sometimes it might take them a while to recognize you. They usually show their displeasure by a shocked expression on their face, followed by frantic cries. So, it’s safe to say that your baby is probably not going to be your biggest fan after a dramatic makeover.

2. Letting Them Dress Themselves

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Letting your child dress themselves usually results in hilarious outcomes. In an attempt to be a bit more independent, kids may be adamant on dressing on their own. Most parents usually give in to their child’s request because it’s better than chasing them around the house, exhausting yourself when you would rather use that time for something else. However, most often, their wardrobe choices can be pretty hilarious and unique. One trick that you could follow to make sure that they don’t make too many weird fashion choices is lay out a couple of clothes beforehand so that they have enough options to choose.

1. Lifting Your Baby In The Air After A Meal


Adults love lifting kids up in the air and catching them, but this airplane game could result in some puke spills when you lift a baby post-meal. We understand it can be exciting to watch the little one let out squeals of laughter when you catch them, but unless you want partially digested baby food all over you, it might be best to hold off on this game.

We always want the best for our kids. But just like the rest of us, even parents are bound to make a few mistakes every now and then. So, when such parental accidents happen, all we can do is thank our stars that no permanent damage has been done and learn from it.

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