10 Hilarious Differences Between Men And Women

10 Hilarious Differences Between Men And Women

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We all have heard quite often that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. But there is more truth to this than we can imagine. Men and women have different approach and perspectives towards everything in life. Here are 10 of the hilarious differences between them:

1. Home Decor

Home Decor

Whether it’s a small house, a studio, or even just one room, women mostly have a well-organized space as opposed to men. The living spaces men inhabit are generally scattered and untidy. Women practically know where the stuff in their house is while men remain clueless about their belongings in their own house.

2. Grooming


While both men and women groom themselves well before stepping out, the personal styling products they use is what makes all the differences. Men use basic grooming products sans make-up products unless they belong to the glamour industry. Whereas women use a wide range of products, including make-up and personal hygiene, especially high-quality renowned brands.

3. Bon Appetit

Bon Appetit

It seems as though women eat to live, but men live to eat, going by the difference in their appetites. Women love to eat too, but smaller portions of food, which may actually include elaborate ingredients and preparation methods. This is because women have a keen sense of taste. However, men generally go for large-portion meals, which is why they can easily thrive on junk food as well.

4. Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall!

Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall!

Though women take great care to maintain a good body, more often than not when they look at themselves in the mirror, they have a low opinion of themselves. Men also invest more or equal amount of time in maintenance of their physique, but, they’ll always think highly about what they have achieved, even if they really wouldn’t have hit the bullseye!

5. Dressing Up

Dressing Up

Women may have stacks of clothes lying in their wardrobe, some of which they wouldn’t even be aware exist. And yet, they’ll always fall short of just the ‘right’ dress for that happening party. Whereas men don’t shy away from showing up in the same outfit that they’d worn to another friend’s party a week back.



Men only know the colors that were thought since school, VIBGYOR, or the colors of the rainbow. Whereas women know a wide range of colors as they are naturally blessed with the ability to see more colors, which is also a scientific fact (1). As for men, they’ve always thought peach was a fruit; lime yellow, a lemon; and mauve, what’s that?

7. Of Haircuts and Hairstyles

Of Haircuts and Hairstyles

A man may go with the same hairstyle for months or go to a random salon for a haircut which will cost him just Rs. 50 to Rs. 100. A woman needs a change of style every three months or so, she’ll never change her hairstylist ‘because she understands her hair’, and each visit will cost her anywhere from Rs. 500 up to Rs. 1500.

8. Medical Aid

Medical Aid

When women fall ill, they can pretty much look after themselves, at least through the minor illnesses. They’ll know the exact over-the-counter drugs or the specific herbal concoctions that’ll help alleviate their sickness. However, men can be complete cry-babies who just cannot handle themselves alone. They constantly require someone around and will rush to the doctor for the simplest of reasons.

9. Tell Me A Story

Tell Me A Story

If men wish to share an incident with their friends, they are pretty much to the point. When women share their experiences, they get into the nitty-gritty of the entire incident, which is how even other women prefer listening to.

10. Staycation


When a woman says she’ll stay home, it means she’ll spring-clean her house. But when a man says he’ll be staying home, it means lazing around, most time in a messy house.

Now you know how men and women are poles apart in their behaviors. But it is these very differences that also make them unique and special.

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