Himalaya Pure Hands: The Germ-Free And Cruelty-Free Sanitizer

I walk into the office, set my bag on the desk and go straight for the pump-bottle on my desk. I take a drop of the Himalaya Pure Hands sanitizer, rub my hands vigorously before switching on my computer and getting to work. It is my daily morning ritual – one that I think is necessary after traveling by auto rickshaws and taxis with germ-infested handles.

Yeah, I know what you are thinking. But no! I am not a germaphobe.

I am just practical and careful in this world that has little regard for hygiene and cleanliness. And that is why you will never see me leave home without a bottle of sanitizer.

The Brand I Trust

I am a writer, and it is a habit of mine to research everything before I call it a fact. So when I realized I couldn’t carry a hand wash everywhere with me, I began my hunt for a sanitizer. My brother, the doctor, offered me a bottle of hospital grade disinfectant. I used it for a while and realized I smelled like a hospital or a dispensary!

So I looked again. There were many brands on the shelf. But I was particular – no chemicals, no animal testing (I’m a staunch vegan and eco-warrior!) and no smelling like a walking hospital! After some research and reading, I found my match – Himalaya Pure Hands was the one for me.

Firstly, it is an Ayurvedic preparation. Secondly, and most importantly, The Himalaya Drug Company is against animal testing and follows good-for-earth practices (check here).

When I saw this on the Himalaya website, I was relieved (in my mind I was screaming – I love you Himalaya!!).

So Why Pure Hands?

Why choose Himalaya’s hand sanitizer when there are other brands out there? I’ll tell you why.

1. Safe

Himalaya’s sanitizers contain ayurvedic ingredients such as coriander, lime and neem extracts, which make them safe to use. The sanitizer can be used by you and your kids as well. Considering that there are no chemicals (except for tartrazine and spirit alcohol which is necessary to kill germs), you can use this hand sanitizer as often as you need. Just make sure you don’t overuse it. Also, do NOT let children use this without supervision.

2. Convenient packaging

The company offers its range of Pure Hands hand sanitizers in different sizes – small, medium and a 500ml pump bottle. While the pump-bottle stays on my desk, I always carry a 100ml bottle with me, as it comes in handy during train and bus journeys. Thanks to this, I don’t waste money on soap papers anymore!

3. Fragrances you’ll love!

Here is another reason why I love Himalaya even more – their Pure Hands Sanitizer comes in five fruit odors. I use the green apple sanitizer, which smells so good it makes me want to drink it (ought to keep an eye when the kids use it!). Then there are the sweet strawberry, tangy orange, lemon and mild litchi fragrances you can choose from. The scented sanitizers are available only in 50ml and 100ml bottles.

4. Reasonable pricing

Himalaya sanitizers are reasonably priced, some on par with the other brands and some lower than the others. I use the sanitizer around five to six times a day on an average. That gives me almost a month or so for a 100ml bottle worth Rs.90, which works well for me.

Considering all these factors, and the fact that Himalaya products are cruelty-free, I believe the Pure Hands sanitizer is an excellent choice. If you aren’t sure still, maybe you should start with a 50ml pack and see how it works for you.