23 Hipster Names For Your Baby

Image: Shutterstock

Back on the name game again – for parents who love to give their babies names that are quite offbeat, trend-setting and hipster – here are top picks of the year.

1. Anais:

Gender: F

Meaning: Grace

Anais is another version of Anne. It echoes French-born American novelist Anais Nin. Musician Noel Gallagher named his daughter Anais. It’s also the name of a popular perfume. The name has also found some interesting references in literary works like the Balzac, Lost Illusions, and in Colette’s Claudine books.

2. Atticus:

Gender: M

Meaning: From Attica

Atticus is of Latin origin and quite often be associated with the noble image of Atticus Finch in ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’. Atticus Finch as portrayed by Gregory Peck has been hailed the great hero in American film history by the American Film Institute. Atticus Finch gains a negative shade in Harper Lee’s novel Go Set a Watchman, which could curb the popularity of the name.

3. Auden:

Gender: M & F

The name has a pleasing sound and is poetic. It is also appreciated as a modern name.

4. Byron:

Gender: M

Meaning: Barn for cows

Doesn’t it ring a bell? Celebrated poet Lord Byron? It is due to the poet’s association that Byron has a ‘romantic’ image. The name Byron has been used in William Faulkner’s two novels – Light in August and The Town.  The name was seen as a character on Arrested Development. It has been popular since 1880.

6. Clementine:

Gender: F

Meaning: Mild, Merciful

The name is the French version of Clement. With its Latin origin, it joins the US Top 1000 after more than half a century after it fell off the list. It still stands out by surprising your friends or raising eyebrows. No doubt Claudia Schiffer chose to name her daughter Clementine and so did Rachel Griffiths. Kate Winslet played a Clementine in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. There is also a muppet named Clementine.

7. Dashiell:

Gender: M

Meaning: Unknown

Dashiell is an Anglicized version of a French last name de Chiel. It is one of the hottest new names that has been chosen by celebs such as Cate Blanchett. The name is also associated with the detective writer Dashiell Hammett. Alice Cooper was one of the pioneers in naming his son Dashiell in 1985. And imagine Dashiell being nicknamed to Dash. Makes it quite a dashing name already, no pun intended!

8. Delilah:

Gender: F

Meaning: To flirt

With its origins in Arabic, the name has surged in popularity while shunning the temptress image and embracing the meaning of one with melodic and feminine qualities. The name has found a reference with several musicians such as the Welsh singer Tome Jones or a Camille Saint-Saens opera who have sung about Delilah for decades. Delilah was also adopted as a name for Whoopi Goldberg’s character in When Stella Got Her Groove Back.

9. Dixie:

Gender: F

Meaning: Tenth

The name originates from Latin. It is also considered to be a place name originating from the French-speaking New Orleans. The name was at number 167 in the late 1930s soared back to popularity in 2007. The name is associated with the country music band Dixie Chicks. The character of Julia Sugarbaker in the sitcom Designing Women was played by TV actress Dixie Carter.

10. Edie:

Gender: F

Meaning: Prosperous In War

With its origins in English, Edie is a variant of Edith. The name was quite popular in the 1960s. British actress Samantha Morton and Keira Knightly named their daughters Edie. Moreover, several women whose first name is Edith choose to be called Edie. The name is likely to hit the popularity charts again.

11. Elvis:

Gender: M

Meaning: Unknown

Elvis was first to use by Declan McManus, who dared to adopt the king’s singular name Elvis, but now the name is quite popular. Who can forget the popularity of Elvis Presley for that matter? Elvis was also the middle name of the singer’s dad Vernon. Even Anthony Perkins, a huge Elvis fan also named his son Elvis in 1976. The name is also associated with the Irish Ailbhe, and the Irish saint is called Elvis of Munster.

12. Gulliver:

Gender: M

Meaning: Glutton

Gulliver is a name of Irish origin. Who could forget Joanthan Swift’s classic Gulliver’s Travels! Not until actor Gary Oldman used the name for his son, the named garnered one of the liveliest options. British actors Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory have also named their sons Gulliver.

13. Hopper:

Gender: M

Meaning: Hop grower or seller

Being English in origin, Hopper turns out to be one of the most spirited names with Sean and Ronin Wright Penn, who named theirs after their friend Dennis Hopper. Hopper is also associated with the painter Edward.

14. Ike:

Gender: M

Meaning: Is diminutive of Isaac

Once a quirky nickname of President Dwight Eisenhower, Ike grew as a cool nickname in the early 21st century; parents seem to be fond of the name Isaac once again, and the stylish nickname makes sense, although most parents might put the formal name on the birth certificate.

15. Leopold:

Gender: M

Meaning: Brave people

The name is associated with German aristocracy. Queen Victoria used the name to honor a favorite uncle, King Leopold of Belgium. The name might be mistaken for a leonine name, but it isn’t. The use of Leopold in literature can be quoted through the central character of Leopold Bloom in James Joyce’s Ulysses. The field of music has witnessed a distinguished conductor Leopold Stokowski. It also happens to be the name of a saint.

16. Milo:

Gender: M

Meaning: Solider or Merciful

The name that originates from the ancient Greek Olympic wrestler is also the name of charming WWII RAF pilot. The name was quite common in medieval Europe. In fact, the British name Miles is a variant of Milo. The name has also found use in books such as Catch-22 and The Phantom Tollbooth, and on screen in Atlantis: The Lost Empire. Ricki Lake, Craig Ferguson, and Liv Tyler are some of the celeb parents who have named their sons as Milo. There was also a renowned Irish actor called Milo O’Shea..

17. Otto:

Gender: M

Meaning: Wealthy

The name traces its origin from Germany. In fact, Othello is a diminutive of Otto. The new generation parents have revived its usage decades after Otto fell off the popularity charts during the two World Wars. Otto is associated with Otto the Great, the founder of the Holy Roman Empire and with the German and Austrian royalty. Otto von Bismark had also added to the image of the name.

18. Pandora:

Gender: F

Meaning: Gifted

This Greek name was used by the British gentry for girls with brothers who might have been called Peregrine. However, the mythological character bearing the name was a woman tempted to open the forbidden box that unleashed all the evils of the world. Pandora is also a popular internet site. The names Dora and Theodora could be variants of Pandora. The name appears in books authored by Adrian Mole while an Anna Rice vampire novel uses the name for its title character.

19. Rufus:

Gender: M

Meaning: Red-hand

Rufus is a Latin name that was also the nickname of King William. The ancient Roman name is quite taken by popular singers such as Rufus Wainwright and other Saints. In the contemporary times, Rufus is one cool name with singer James Taylor naming his twins Rufus. A Gossip Girl character is called Rufus Humphrey. Rufus Sewell is a well-known English character for his intense portrayal. In the New Testament, it’s the name of a son of Simon the Cytherian.

20. Sadie:

Gender: F

Meaning: Princess

The name is a diminutive of Sarah however Sarah sounds sassier than the original. It was number 45 in the Top 50 in 2014. It was at the peak of popularity in the past century. Adam Sandler and Christina Applegate have chosen named their daughter Sadie. The Beatles’ song Sexy Sadie was quite popular. Somerset Maugham’s Sadie Thomson was also portrayed by Joan Crawford in Rain.

21. Tallulah:

Gender: F

Meaning: Lady of Abundance

It might have an Irish origin. Two Irish saints were known as Tallulah or Talulla. It sounds similar to the native-American Tallulah. It sounds quite offbeat and cool no matter how it’s written.

22. Waldo:

Gender: M

Meaning: To rule

It might be a variant of German Waldemar. The name carries more weight with the famous writer and philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson bearing the name who was also an inspiration for several parents to name their babies after him – an example being Ralph Waldo Ellison, the author of Invisible Man. Robert Redford played the dashing titular character in The Great Waldo Pepper. Waldo Lydecker was the key character in the classic film Laura.

23. Zane:

Gender: M

Meaning: God is Gracious

The name could be a variant of John. Novelist Zane Grey (born Pearl) made the name famous. In contemporary culture, it rings in the image of a cowboy. The name has risen in popularity since 1921. Country singer Mindy McReady has used the spelling as Zayne.