Horlicks Encourages Children To Have A Fearless Musical Exam Season With A. R. Rahman!

Exams! The five-letter word is enough to strike fear in the hearts of children all over the country. Exams come with a bucketful of stress and a truckload of fear, no matter how well prepared a child is. The pressure of the season is enough by itself to make a child panic.

But shouldn’t it be the opposite? Exams should be fun, right? It might sound paradoxical but that’s exactly what exams were always meant to be. A true test of the knowledge a child gains while learning and having fun at school. They weren’t designed to be big and scary; that is exactly what Horlicks wants to convey this exam season in collaboration with the musical legend, A. R. Rahman!

In a music video with the legend, Horlicks shows how children and their parents can approach exams without any doubts or fears whatsoever. Kids don’t have to get worried about memorizing theories and concepts. In fact, understanding the syllabus can be quite easy and fun, the music video shows.

The video starts with a child on the school bus trying to understand tenses in the English language. You can see him befuddled with the present perfect tense that doesn’t seem to make any sense. He’s worried and afraid. But the ever-encouraging A. R. Rahman gently reminds him and his friends to not worry about the impending exams in his soulful voice.

At this very moment, the set changes from the bumpy school bus to a friendly and cheery classroom where the kid’s friends try to help him make sense of tenses. They teach him a simple formula on how to understand present perfect and past participle tenses in a rather catchy and infectious tune.

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By the end of the video, the child is fairly confident about tenses and boldly asserts that now all of it makes perfect sense to him! He puts up a little performance with his classmates and the very talented A. R. Rahman, enjoying every bit of the moment. Getting rid of the stress of exams raises his spirits and makes him ready to face the season with a new-found confidence and gusto!

The message from the video is quite clear. Peer pressure and anxiety during exams might weigh down children, but things can be a lot easier when learning is made interesting. Understanding concepts through fun songs is one way to do so. When children walk into an exam hall with a helpful and playful tune, they have nothing to worry about. Children can then actually succeed with their heads held high.

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So parents and kids, forget fear, worries and anxieties this exam season and give your best with the right attitude! And if you ever feel down, A. R. Rahman’s soft croon of “Fikar mat karo” is bound to raise your confidence!


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