This Video On How Your Belly Grows During Pregnancy Is One Of The Sweetest Things On The Internet Today

Did you know that your baby boy or girl begins as a tiny ball of cells? Although during the 9 months of pregnancy there are amazing processes that lead to facial features, a beating heart, movement, and much more. As seen in the video, lots of changes happen, both inside the womb and the outside.

This video begins at the 5th week of pregnancy until childbirth.

Keep reading to know about the weekly progress of a pregnancy.

Week 5

Your baby’s heart officially begins to beat for the first time. You most probably will not be able to hear it just yet, but there’s a possibility of seeing the movement when you go for an ultrasound. Now, the embryo is distinct and has 3 very different layers.

Layer 1 – the outer ectoderm – this forms the nervous system, ears, eyes and tissues.

Layer 2 – the endoderm otherwise known as the inner layer – this forms the lungs, intestines, and bladder.

Layer 3 – the middle mesoderm – this eventually forms the heart and circulatory system. Later into the pregnancy, this layer will form bones, muscles, kidneys, and reproductive organs.

Week 6

Your baby grows quite significantly at this point. Its heart has a regular beat albeit at a very quick speed. Also, your baby’s brain hemispheres begin to form and brain waves can be recorded.

Week 7

Your baby is now developing distinct facial features apart from the eyes and nostrils, which are still dark spots. Its brain is getting complex because of the growing nerve cells. Also, the baby starts small jerky movements you are yet to feel.

Week 8 – 9

Now features are more refined (ears and upper lip), more organs develop and this is when the unique fingertips are created.

Week 10

Now your baby is a fetus! Fingers and toes develop, bones harden, and kidneys produce urine. This is also the end of the embryonic stage where the baby is at less danger.

Week 11 – 12

The fetus begins to inhale and exhale amniotic fluid to help lung development.

At weeks 10 and 11, the fetus will start to inhale and exhale small amounts of amniotic fluid, which helps your baby’s lungs to grow and develop. More movements such as opening fingers occur.

Week 13 – 15

All organs and systems have formed along with prostate and ovaries. Also, the baby begins to make facial expressions.

Week 16 – 18

The bones begin to harden and limbs begin to grow. Plus your baby can hear sounds inside and outside mom’s body. Sing, laugh, play music!

Week 19 – 23

The heart is stronger along with movements. Movements are so noticeable that you will be able to notice it! Just look at your belly.

Week 24

Your baby’s taste buds are developing, its hair is growing, and it practices how to breathe. This is typically the end of the second trimester. Oh, and your little one’s eyes can open!

Let’s fast forward to week 28 until the end of pregnancy. Your baby can have dreams now! How cute is that? Its vision improves and eyelashes begin to grow. Around week 32 your baby will have itty-bitty fingernails and toenails. At 37 weeks your baby is officially at full-term, which means its lungs are functional, and he is ready to come out in a couple weeks. Finally at the 40th week, your bundle of joy is ready to face the world and meet mommy and daddy.

Oh, and don’t forget, throughout these weeks, your belly will be growing more and more. Don’t forget to notice the changes going on outside of your womb, as they are noticeable and incredible too.

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