How I Lost 20 Kgs Of Pregnancy Weight In Six Months With No Gym Time

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I got pregnant. There goes another check on my bucket list. And I had a wonderful baby who I wouldn’t exchange for anything in the world. What it left behind after delivery was, unfortunately, the weight. And this can be a big problem for a lot of mothers who’ve just given birth – how do you lose the post-pregnancy weight? Well, I had my method which might not work for everyone, but it’s certainly worth an attempt if you’re struggling with the weight.

Let’s dive into the four main methods that worked for me like magic.

1. Breastfeeding

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When I say I breastfed, I’m not exaggerating here, I breastfed a lot. From start until the age of six months, I was the only supplier of nutrient for my little one. I didn’t miss a single feeding and I never turned to the formula enriched bottle. And that’s just the first part of the breastfeeding story.

My baby was introduced to solids after six months. Did I stop breastfeeding? Hell, no! I breastfed on, complementing the solids with mommy’s own milk. Then came the time that she was introduced to formula milk. This was around nine months. But I continued. I breastfed until she was 15-16 months old. This did wonders for my baby’s nutrition as well as her immune system.

And when it came to me? Are you really surprised that I shed all that weight? This is a workout regime that isn’t really a workout, and in fact, necessity. So hold on to the opportunity and hit two birds with one stone.

2. No Dairy

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Fortunately, or unfortunately, my baby was lactose intolerant. The baby was okay with my breast milk (I don’t care what science paper says, my baby is immune to any sort of allergies to my own breast milk. I mean, it is my breast milk), but had a problem with any other sort of dairy products that I ingested. So I banned dairy altogether (pizza night was a foodless affair now). I obsessed over it. I drank a lot of soy milk (not for the faint-hearted) and shunned the cheese, the chocolate, and the yogurt. I began consuming copious amounts of dry fruits such as nuts and dates, as well as daal and chicken. Let’s not forget the most important – fruits. Yes, I had a load of them too.

Throughout this process, I was still breastfeeding the baby, and the baby was gaining enough weight so I must not have been too far off the track. My food intake was doing find indeed.

3. Walking The Baby

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This little monster that I so lovingly had given birth to had to be walked to sleep. I cannot forget the feelings that passed through me when I saw this baby for the first time, nor shall I forget the mandatory stroll around the neighbourhood with a stroller so that the baby can finally nod off to sleep. This, unbeknownst to me, was giving me twice the benefit. I was getting the little off to dreamland and I was getting some cardio as well. As time marched on, they became my favourite parts of the day, wherein I used to spend at least 2-3 hours just walking the baby around. It wasn’t until my baby was five months old that it began nodding off on its own post a good nursing session.

4. No Outside Food

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My paediatrician ( I know he means well, but he’s the servant of Satan come to kill God’s gifts to the gastric juices), said I could eat anything as long as it was prepared at home. I have to concede that in the end, he had a point. Home cooked meals always tend to be lighter and my staying away from all outside food helped shed some essential fat.

And there you have it, folks! In six months, I lost 20kgs following just these steps. When you come to think about it, it really isn’t that difficult. Of course, if you find yourself putting on a little waistline, you can always return to this diet from time to time. At least keep with it for the week and leave the weekend for some food fun.

What were your experiences losing weight after giving birth? Let us know in the comments below.

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