How Many Children Are Right For You?

How Many Children Are Right For You

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When a woman thinks of her future, she can envision pretty much everything – one loving husband, a nice, cozy home, and kids playing in the backyard. Secretly, she also knows how many kids she would wish to have in the future. Of course, that number may change with time, given the ever-changing circumstances of life.

How many children one wishes to have is a pretty personal matter. And, for some moms, it is not something that they can even choose since the fertility levels contribute as an additional deciding factor. So here, we are not going to pass any verdict on how many children you should be having. Instead, we will share some ‘mom’ stories with you. Maybe, listening to why they have as many children as they do can give you a fresh perspective. Also, if you are already a mom, you may even relate to a few of these stories. So, here we go:

1. She Is All I Need

She Is All I Need

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“I sort of always knew that I wanted only one kid. I used to think, and still do, that one child is easier to manage. Of course, the fact that I did not share the most amazing bond with my brother also plays a key role in this decision. I just realized over the time that having a sibling is not always the best thing in the world. In some cases, being an only child can be better too.

Another reason is that my husband, Raj, has a job that involves a lot of traveling. He stays away for quite a substantial amount of time during the year. So, on my own, I think I can only do justice to one child. I strongly believe that not every single child is pampered and spoilt. I think this largely depends on how parents raise their kids. I just hope that my daughter too sees the merit of having us all to herself.”

– Shweta, mom to one daughter

2. Happy Foursome

Happy Foursome

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“Of course, it was huge when we decided to go from one kid to two. We spent a considerable amount of time to weigh out its pros and cons. Both I and my husband felt that we ourselves benefited from having a sibling. But, there was a huge gap between me and my sister. We wanted our kids to have an age gap of only three years since they would be able to relate more to each other this way. Hence, we planned accordingly.

For me, having two kids is just more practical since it ensures that they will always have someone by their side. Plus, there is always one parent available for each child. When I think of us, ‘happy foursome’ is what comes to my mind!”

– Meghna, mom to a son and a daughter

3. Jump From One To Two – Not So Hard

Jump From One To Two - Not So Hard

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“My brother and I were 11 years apart. So, by the time I turned five, he had already left for college. For most parts of my childhood, I was on my own. It made me wonder how it would have been much better if I had a sibling closer to my age.

My first two sons were born close together but there was a part of me which felt that the family is still not complete. This might be partly because I secretly wished for a daughter too. Luckily, when I tried the third time around, I had a girl. Now, the family seems complete.

While many friends warned us that the jump from having two kids to three would be tough, it was not the case for us. Maybe, this is also because my youngest daughter is a pretty easy baby. But, I won’t deny that having three kids can be completely crazy and a challenge at times. However, it all seems worth the effort.”

– Jyoti, mom to two sons and a daughter

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