How Often Should A Couple Make Love To Stay Happy?

The moment a couple gets married, they indulge in lovemaking frequently, even twice a day. However, once the initial passion of the ‘honeymoon period’ passes, things begin to slow down a bit. As the couple settles into domesticity and parenthood, lovemaking takes a back seat. In this scenario, most couples feel, and understandably so, that they might be drifting apart. However, that might not be the case. There are many couples who might indulge in lovemaking according to how life serves them, but their bond continues to remain strong. So, let’s hear it from these couples about how often they make love and how it affects their relationship:

Daily Lovemaking

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Meghna and Ashish have been married for 5 years now. Ashish is 28 years old whereas Meghna is 32 and they have a cute little daughter, Kaira. Having met through common friends, it was pure love that got them together. As Meghna recalls, “It was love at first sight for both us. From the moment we met, we got along like a house on fire.” And it is this love that translates into daily lovemaking sessions for them. As Ashish points out, “We both just can’t get enough of each other. Even when Meghna was expecting Kaira, we were still doing it until the fag end of the pregnancy. After a brief period of lull, once the doctor gave the green signal, we were at it again.” The couple admits that initially, Meghna was a little concerned if Ashish might lose interest in her. But she was pleasantly surprised to know that he still had the hots for her. And both of them agreed in unison that lovemaking was purely their way of expressing their love for each other.

Once A Week

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Sara and Sameer got married 3 years ago. They first had a brief encounter near their office’s photocopier, and small conversations turned into coffee and lunch dates. And soon, both found that they had a lot in common. With the blessings of their family, they soon got married and moved into a different home. Sara admits that initially both of them used to make love daily. However, in between building their respective careers, moving into a new house, and eventually planning a family, their love life did take a beating. “We were so much into lovemaking that I wasn’t surprised when I conceived within 6 months of our marriage,” says Sara. With a 2-1/2-year-old toddler at home, Sara and Sameer have divided their responsibilities such that it leaves them pressed for time. Being working parents, they’ve now planned their intimate moments for the weekends, which works conveniently for them. “I’d sure wish there was more, but then I’m totally content with it. It’s probably quality versus quantity that works for us,” says Sameer.

Once A Month

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Nikita and Daniel have been married for ten years now and have two lovely children. These high-school sweethearts, who married with family consent, survived the highs and lows generally associated with marriage and parenthood. And now, both of them believe in living a wholesome life. The responsibilities of their home and children hardly leave them with any intimate time. However, the couple has no regrets. They just make the most of the opportunity when the children are not around. “If we average out the last 5 years, we’ve probably made love only once or twice a month,” says Daniel in some good-natured grudging way. “But, our love seems to have actually grown with time because we often indulge in cuddling, hugging, and kissing when we are not intimate,” chimes in Nikita. “No wonder then that it’s been a decade since we’ve been married, yet it still feels like yesterday,” both of them agreed together.

So there you are! You’ve heard it from the horse’s mouth. Whether you make love daily, weekly, or even monthly, what matters most is the love and understanding between the couple to live a happy and content life. So, how often do you make love? What’s your story? Please do share with us in the comments section below.

Disclaimer: Names have been changed to protect the identities.

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