How These Nine Cartoons On Voot Will Turn Your Kids Their ‘Goody Goody’ Best!

Ever wondered why your kids love Chhota Bheem, or why they enjoy the action of Ben10? We’re guessing your kids finish their homework on time just to get to see the new episode of Pokemon, too. Give it a good long thought. Ask your kid, why don’t you?

“It’s fun, ma!” is probably what they’d tell you.

It’s true – cartoons are a major source of entertainment for kids, and they tend to be inspirational to boot. You read that right; a cartoon character can actually be your kids’ new role model.

Here’s an experiment: ask your kid who his favorite cartoon is and why. You’ll get a list of reasons, enough to convince you that their cartoons are a source of knowledge, good behavior, and loads of enthusiasm. These cartoons showcase valor, friendship, love, strength, emotions… and better yet, they show characters rewarded for behavior that includes these values.

Nine Cartoons On Voot Will Turn Your Kids Their ‘Goody Goody’

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Sometimes, all that the parents need to do is get their kids to look in the right direction, and you will be surprised how your child can imbibe the positive traits of these popular animation characters.

Say Chhota Bheem and your kid will know that he’s a good friend, and strength lies in these ties.

Say Chhota Bheem

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Motu Patlu are great role models as community helpers, while Peppa Pig celebrates family values.

And who can overlook Pokemon? While you may have read about it being all the rage with teenagers as a source of games, the cartoon teaches kids about strategy.

Want your child to explore and learn by himself, then Dora is just the right inspiration. (And if your child is ever in a spot of trouble, like Dora, they know they can ask their friends for help.)

Don’t be surprised if your child comes up to you saying he is as brave as Shiva.

And Ben10? Your child may love that watch, but they love Ben’s intelligence even more!

Want your kid to learn the value of determination? Let them watch Kung Fu Panda and see how they work up courage to achieve their goals!

Team spirit. It’s hard to teach your kid the value of that, right? With Power Rangers, your children can be motivated to value and appreciate teamwork.


So we’re going to take one for the kids’ team here: you need to let your children have some unlimited ‘toon time! Fun and easy to understand, these shows can inspire your offspring like never before.

The best part is, all of this is now possible by the push of a button. Get access to all these toons in one portable place – Voot. You will love this app for how it can keep your child engaged, entertained while dishing out the good things to learn for a lifetime.

Here’s a bonus: guess which parent is the favorite one? The one who allows their kid to watch all these shows!

Go ahead and take a look at their latest video, it’s probably the best thing you’ll see today!

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