What Women Really Want From Their Husband?

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You may feel that your wife is a complex woman. Trust me, this would be the same answer given by most married men or those in a serious relationship. While in the beginning, they’re all about the fun, they start changing after some time. Well, guess what? Men change too! You just don’t realize it and once you get married you don’t even give it a lot of thought. Being a good husband is not that easy but you definitely can keep your loved one happy if you remember these golden rules.

Listen To Her

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You may not be interested in listening to her talk about the dishes she loves to cook or the challenges she faces at work. You might even nod along when she speaks, but your mind would be thinking about that football game you saw last night. Even if it needs a bit of patience, listen to her. Try to understand what she wants to share with you and try to respond to things. Make her feel heard.

Compliment Her

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Telling your wife that she looks good or her hair smells nice will make her day. A little bit of effort from you can change her whole mood and she will feel confident more than ever. Let her know that she is attractive, the way you used to when you first started going out. Don’t let her feel that you don’t care about the way she dresses.

Protect Her In Every Way

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Protection just doesn’t mean physically protecting her. Help her keep away from threats that can potentially harm her emotionally. Financial responsibilities are equally distributed among most of the couples today but your wife may have to stop working for a while when she gets pregnant or if she has to stay at home for a while to take care of your children. Make her feel reassured- tell her that you can protect her and the kids in case she is forced to stop working for a while.

The Little Things

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The things that you feel are insignificant may be actually important to your wife. When you learn about her, try to mentally note down the little things that make her happy and the ones that upset her. You may feel that giving her a rose isn’t a great thing because her birthday is coming up and you’re anyway going to gift her that expensive diamond necklace. Well, you’re wrong. Small gestures matter as much as the ones that you think are big.

Help Her

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It doesn’t matter if she’s a working woman or not- you must help her in the household work. You can do lighter things like helping her with the dishes or you can help her clean the place during the weekend. She understands that you get back home tired which is why she never insists you to help. But, she has been working hard at home the whole day too and she would love it if you at least stayed with her in the kitchen and gave her company.

Do Not Cheat On Her

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You married her because you wanted her to be your wife. It’s normal to feel that other women are attractive but you shouldn’t let that thought consume you. No matter how appealing another woman is, nobody can match the woman who happily wrote down her whole life in your name.

Appreciate Her Achievements

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Never bring in professional ego between you and your wife. Appreciate her when she achieves something even if she feels that it isn’t a big deal. Encourage her to do well at her job and thank her for being a great wife and a good mother to your children- she deserves it.

Give respect and take respect! It’s true that if you care for your wife in all the right ways, she will reciprocate it. Only if you make her feel worthy of your love, she can love you back to the fullest. So, start focusing on all the important things today and make your wife feel that she has the best husband in the world!

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