How To Choose A Good Backpack?

Are you planning to go on a backpacking journey soon? Is this your first time on a backpacking journey? Are you unsure about how to plan your trip or how to choose a good backpack?

If you are a backpacking-newbie, and these questions seem to be bothering you, it’s time you rest assured. Read this post. These tips on how to choose a backpack for travelling here will make your backpacking journey fun and comfortable.

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5 Backpacking Basics

Here are a few basics of backpacking you might want to keep in mind before you head out:

1. Find A Partner Or Group:

If this is your first time as a backpacker, make sure you have a partner or a group to go with you.

Always backpack with a person who has done it earlier, or find a group that goes on frequent backpacking trips.

The experience will be a learning curve and offer you tips for your future backpacking adventures.

Backpacking groups mostly accommodate four to six people, so find out local groups and enroll.

2. Distance Matters:

For a first time backpacking experience, you can also opt to go on a one–night adventure.

A one-night backpacking trip will tell you how comfortable or uncomfortable you are as a backpacker.

You will never be too far away from home and can always return soon if there is an emergency.

3. Know Your Destination:

Don’t just rely on one guidebook or a review about your destination. Different backpackers offer different perspectives on a place. Talk to other backpackers, it will help you pick your destination.

Check out websites and ask other backpacking groups, even if you are planning to travel alone.

You can also check out some magazines or ask around at your local, and national parks (as they also organize trips and may refer some destinations)

4. Choosing The Gear:

You may want to carry almost everything, especially as this is your first backpacking experience. But, to backpack safely and smartly, pack essentials but travel light.

Plan the essentials and make a list of them. Once you finalize your destination, you may need to add or remove certain things from the list. Keep the option open.

Look for items in travel sizes. Most travel gear stores stock basic travel accessories you can consider.

5. Try It Out First:

As it is your first time backpacking, use it more as a trying-out thing than a full-fledged adventure.

Before you buy every gear and equipment, check if you can rent or borrow it.

Some local stores may rent out the gear, or you could ask your backpacker friend to lend you her gear for your trip.

Once you understand the pros and cons of a particular gear, you can always buy relevant gear for future backpacking trips.

How To Choose A Good Backpack?

Your backpack will be your travel companion for the entire trip. Make sure you consider the following while choosing a backpack:

1. Check The Capacity:

Your backpack will hold all the things you need to take along with you for the trip.

Most backpacks have a number in the label. It refers to the capacity of the backpack in liters.

For a weekend trip of one to three nights, you should look for a backpack that has a capacity of 35 to 80 liters.

For longer trips, select a backpack that has a capacity of 50 to 80 liters.

2. Check For Size:

A backpack is sized according to the length of your torso and not as per your height.

Visit your local store and ask the assistant for help.

Alternatively, ask a friend to measure your torso length.

The backpack will feel heavy on your hips. Make sure you check for specific pockets and space your stuff out accordingly.

Before you head out to your destination, inform your family and friends about your trail. Also, ensure you note down important contacts in a pocket phone book. In case you do not have phone reception, you will still be able to call someone in case of an emergency.

Have you gone on a backpacking trip yet? How did you finalize a destination? How did you choose your backpack and gear? Do help other moms with your tips here.

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