How To Get An Infant To Eat More

How To Get An Infant To Eat More

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Almost every mother worries about whether or not her little one is eating enough. And, this concern grows more so when the baby starts having solid foods. However, you may not be aware that your infant lets you know this in his/her own way. You just have to look out for the signs and feed him/her accordingly. A child’s eating pattern can change since the appetite of an infant differs based on the change in sleep schedule and growth spurts. Just trust your little one to let you know if he/she is feeling hungry. And, if you are concerned that your baby is not meeting the weight milestones, inform your doctor immediately. Until then, here we bring you some ways in which you can encourage your infant to eat more:

1. Don’t Be Perturbed If Your Little One Acts Choosy

Don't Be Perturbed If Your Little One Acts Choosy

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You will often find babies turning their nose up at some new or unfamiliar food. In most of the cases, they gradually grow out of this phase but this can take some time. Try to be patient. And, if you see your little one rejecting some food, offer him/her something that you know he/she loves. You can always come back to the unfamiliar food later.

2. Be Alert About Any Potential Intolerance

 Be Alert About Any Potential Intolerance

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Another reason why babies refuse to eat a lot is due to some food intolerance or allergy. The allergies appear all of a sudden and may cause symptoms like rashes, vomiting, or stomach pain. On the other hand, food intolerance might lead to relatively less serious symptoms but can make the baby feel uncomfortable, gassy, or bloated. So, look out for such signs when you feed something to your little one. Consult the doctor immediately and avoid such foods later on.

3. Make Unfamiliar Foods Look Like His/Her Favorite Dish

Make Unfamiliar Foods Look Like HisHer Favorite Dish

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If you notice that your little one often rejects unfamiliar or new food even without having a taste, you can try to make him/her feel comfortable. You can do so by making the meal look like one of his/her favorite dishes. For instance, if your little one particularly loves mashed potato but does not even like how sweet potato looks, you can mash it with a similar consistency to get him/her to try it.

4. Relish Your Mealtime Together

Relish Your Mealtime Together

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At a younger age, kids tend to mimic their parents a lot. So, if you have a meal together, it can prove to be very encouraging for your little one. You will, in fact, see him/her observing you and trying to learn from your actions. So, if you see him/her rejecting some food, just pick the spoon, try it, and show how you are enjoying it. This might motivate your munchkin to also give that food a try.

5. Bring In More People

Bring In More People

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At times, involving more people during mealtimes can motivate the little one to eat more. This can work quite well if he/she is close to some relative or your best friend. Try this. Get your friend along and see how much joy it brings to your tiny tot to eat in front of a new audience. But, make sure that your baby is comfortable around the guests otherwise the entire plan can backfire.

6. Introduce More Variety To The Meals

 Introduce More Variety To The Meals

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It is important to introduce some variety to the meal to make sure that the little one has a well-balanced diet. And, try to get them acquainted to all sorts of food at a younger age itself. As kids get used to unfamiliar foods, they generally begin to like it. And, this may also increase his/her chance of wanting these foods in the future.

Can you think of other ways in which you can encourage the kids to eat more? If yes, please share with all the fellow moms in the comments section below!

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