How To Heal Your Inner Child

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There’s no denying the impact that your childhood and upbringing can have in shaping your world view, experiences and beliefs. Sometimes this can be a good thing as children are guided by morals and values that enable them to be healthy adults. However, the opposite is also possible. Some people experience traumatic events or unpleasant situations that lead to the formation of a warped world view and deep wounds that keep them from forming healthy relationships in the future. Although it is easy to give into this mindset and live in the past, the best thing you can do for yourself is try to move past it and heal in order to live a fulfilling life. One way you can achieve this is by healing your inner child, that part of you that is still hurt and suffering due to all that you had to endure when you were little and vulnerable. Here are some ways in which you can reparent your inner child and lead a happy life.

1. Acknowledge Your Inner Child

Acknowledge Your Inner Child

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Acceptance is the first step towards healing. You can’t solve a problem if you don’t acknowledge that there is one. Healing can begin when you recognise the presence of your inner child. However, uncovering your child self isn’t always an easy process. Sometimes it takes a long journey of self discovery just to address and accept the pain caused to you in your childhood and the impact it has had on your life. But, once you do understand this the process of healing is accelerated. Many learn to get in touch with their inner child like they would approach a living person. Take it one step at a time and learn to be open and honest with yourself.

2. Build Compassion For Your Inner Child

No matter what negative experiences you went through as a child, your inner child can still feel the aftereffects and is still hurt. Maybe your basic needs weren’t met. This is usually in the form of a parent being absent from your life or not showing any compassion towards you. Or maybe they failed to nurture you, provide for your basic necessities or inflicted pain on you directly. Whatever the case may be, now that you are an adult it is your responsibility to show yourself the compassion you needed as a child. One of the ways this can be done is by imagining the painful scene from the perspective of your inner child. Once you are able to do this you can give your inner child the love, support, and compassion it needed in the past. It can be extremely hard to be compassionate to that part of you that has been neglected and stowed away so be patient with yourself and your inner child.

3. Do Things That Brought You Joy When You Were A Child

Do Things That Brought You Joy When You Were A Child

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One way to heal your inner child is to try doing some of the activities that you enjoyed when you were a kid. It could be playing games, painting, or anything that makes you get in touch with your playful side. It could also be treating yourself to a nice meal without the feeling of guilt that came with it during your childhood. The more you enjoy indulging in these activities the more it helps you connect with your inner child and heal it. You are worthy of forming pure, innocent memories without the negative emotions of guilt, pain, rejection and shame being tied to these experiences.

4. Parent Your Inner Child

Parent Your Inner Child

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While you are on this journey to heal your inner child, you need to seek the gaps in parenting that your own parents did not provide for you. Parenting your inner child isn’t just indulging them, sometimes it can feel like filling in the blanks of what was missing during your childhood. If something you lacked is hindering your progress in the present, it’s time to start parenting your inner child. Maybe this manifests in learning to control unhealthy impulses, managing negative behaviors and controlling emotions. When you are overwhelmed and get defensive because of your hurt inner child, you can console that part of you by saying things like , “I love you,” “I’m sorry we had to go through such a painful experience,” “You have a right to play,” and a lot more.

5. Consult A Therapist

Consult A Therapist

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Don’t be afraid to ask for help when dealing with inner child work. Sometimes mediating between who you are in the present and your inner child can be challenging and may require the help of a professional. Talk to your therapist and allow them to help you help yourself.

Working on your inner child takes courage and compassion, and the road to healing completely can be long. But keep at it consistently and you will get better in time.

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