5 Ways to Lull Your Baby Quickly

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Parenthood is the most important job you will ever undertake. This is especially true when your little one is, well, little! Newborns can be taxing to say the least. There are a million things you need to tend to, day and night. Feeding them, diaper changes, putting them to sleep and catering to their every need. And it’s never as easy as it seems. In fact even the simplest of tasks, like sleeping, can be a herculean task for your baby. The first few months may be especially challenging as your baby’s biological clock does not start developing until they reach 3 months old. So, getting your newborn to fall asleep quickly can get troublesome and complicated, which is not great news for the exhausted, sleep deprived parents. But you don’t need to give up just yet. These 5 easy techniques are just what you need to put your baby to sleep quickly and soundly.

1. A Cozy Swaddle Will Do The Trick

A Cozy Swaddle Will Do The Trick

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This is a tried and true method to get your baby to sleep as fast as possible. There’s a reason why your baby sleeps fitfully. Babies undergo a startle reflex that happens from birth till they reach 6 months of age (1). This reflex is caused by a sudden sensation of free-falling and causes your baby to jerk about and lift their arms. This has the potential to eventually wake them up. Keeping your baby in a tight swaddle is the perfect solution. It helps them avoid the jerking and allows them to continue sleeping smoothly. No muss no fuss.

2. White Noise In The Background For A Familiar Atmosphere

White Noise In The Background For A Familiar Atmosphere

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A monotonous background noise that your infant finds comforting can put them to sleep in no time. This is where white noise comes into play. White noise can be extremely helpful while trying to put the baby to sleep. This is because it sounds very close to the sound of blood rushing in the mother’s veins which your baby would have been accustomed to hearing in your womb. Finding the right kind of noise to smooth your baby might be your answer to putting them to sleep.

Even something as simple as turning your fan on to medium speed or switching on a white noise audio on your phone can work its magic and help calm your fussy baby. If your baby sleeps to the sound of the vacuum or the washing machine, go ahead and play it on a loop. Some babies find the sound of a vacuum cleaner more enchanting than their mother singing a lullaby. So you can start doing chores to put your baby to sleep. Anything to keep your baby down.

3. Tactile Touch To Relax Your Baby

Tactile Touch To Relax Your Baby

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The touch of their parents is very important for the development of your baby. Your little one finds security, love and care in your arms, so obviously touching them gently is the best way to soothe them to sleep. They will be able to finally relax and drift into their own dream world. Simply stroke their back with gentle periodic pats and go along the length of their little body for a couple of minutes. This will ensure that they are fast asleep. Try also stroking the bridge of the baby’s nose with your finger from the bottom up. There is a high probability that the baby will fall asleep in front of your eyes very quickly!

4. Rocking The Baby And Other Smooth Movements To Transition From Wakefulness To Sleep

Rocking The Baby And Other Smooth Movements To Transition From Wakefulness To Sleep

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Any kind of gentle vestibular stimulation helps the brain switch off and fall asleep (2). Not only for babies but for adults too! This is why sometimes when you’re rocking your baby you can feel your eyes start to droop as well. A great way to use this to your advantage is to take your baby on a car ride to get them to fall asleep quickly. If you can’t do this often, use the gentle rocking of a cradle or stroller or simply walk around the room with your little one in your arms until they go to sleep.

5. Avoid Making Eye Contact With Your Baby While Putting Them To Sleep

Avoid Making Eye Contact With Your Baby While Putting Them To Sleep

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One of the few things your newborn learns how to do is hold eye contact with you. This is their primary mode of communication and a way in which they draw comfort. Making eye contact and talking to your baby also happens to release the love hormone, oxytocin. This increases your baby’s heartbeat, making it harder for them to fall asleep. So looking into your baby’s eyes as you cradle them to sleep is actually counterintuitive. Not making eye contact will signal that it’s nap time which will help them settle down.

We know that putting your baby to sleep isn’t child’s play but it doesn’t have to take forever. With these simple tips, you can lull your baby to sleep in no time at all! Happy parenting.

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