7 Ways To Make Sure Your Son Grows Up To Be A Gentleman

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As parents of a little boy, you are entrusted with the responsibility of bringing him up to be a gentleman. Of course, every parent wants to give their best when raising their kids, and values such as manners and chivalry are things kids catch up on from a tender age. So how do you make sure you bring your son up in a way that he sets a good example for society? We are here to help. Here are a few tips on raising your son to grow up to be a gentleman. Read on to know them all.

1. Be A Working Parent

Be A Working Parent

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According to a study, children benefit from having parents who work (both work from office and work from home) (1). Boys are more inclined to pitch in with housework and family care when brought up by working parents. They also develop a more liberal outlook on gender roles.

2. Encourage Them To Express Their Feelings

Encourage Them To Express Their Feelings

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Some traits that are generally associated with “men,” such as a lack of emotional expression, can be stifling and confining. A study found that men who adhere to more conventional notions of “manliness,” such as suppressing their emotions, are far more likely to experience depression and take unnecessary risks (2). Many boys whose parents hold this belief are raised to be embarrassed by their emotions. As a result, they grow up to be men who have trouble communicating with one another, either internalizing their feelings or acting them out in destructive ways. You must encourage your son to speak about his feelings and develop his emotional literacy.

3. Involve Them In All Chores

Involve Them In All Chores

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Research shows that couples who share the load around the house and with the kids tend to stay together longer (3). Since 1976, the number of hours women spend on housekeeping has decreased, while males have begun taking on double the amount of housework that was traditionally done by women (4). Talk to your kid about the responsibilities each of you has around the house. Young boys should be taught the value of family unity and cooperation. It would make children far more capable, self-reliant, and life-ready as adults, and it would also reduce the likelihood that they would develop a prejudice towards specific hobbies.

4. Teach Them About Boundaries

Teach Them About Boundaries

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Educate your son early on on the importance of respecting his own body. Let him know that he, like everyone else, has the right to dictate who comes into physical contact with their body. When he’s older, make it clear to him that it’s never acceptable to make unwelcome or improper comments or jokes to anyone, regardless of gender. Talk to him about approaching the girls he has a crush on. You can even show him how to adequately express his feelings! Teens exposed to a nurturing home environment were more likely to solve conflicts within relationships and less likely to engage in violent acts between partners, according to a recent study (5). Respecting a partner includes acknowledging the other person’s worth, making an effort to make the relationship work, giving compliments, and admitting and apologizing when you’re wrong.

5. Don’t Glorify The Tough Guy Attitude

Don't Glorify The Tough Guy Attitude

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The macho man or the powerful impatient type may be enticing on TV, but they rarely succeed in the real world. Unfortunately, males may internalize societal pressures to behave aggressively or violently. You may help your son from developing this outlook by explaining to him that he should not act violently or threateningly toward others when he feels angry or frustrated.

6. Teach Them About Personal Hygiene And Grooming

Teach Them About Personal Hygiene And Grooming

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Proper hygiene and grooming are lifelong skills that should be instilled in young boys from an early age. It’s not only about looking good; it’s also about being well and having the life skills to take care of oneself in old age. They must acquire hygiene habits such as frequent showering, brushing, hair styling and nail clipping.

7. Teach Them About Consent

Teach Them About Consent

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You should not dance around consent while talking to male high school students. Instead, explain what constitutes an improper advance, how to seek and provide permission, and the factors influencing a person’s judgment and capacity to offer consent.

Children are quick learners, and they learn by following people around them. For example, a son is likely to follow his father in how he behaves as the head of the family. Therefore, setting the correct example for kids to learn is essential. So, what is your secret to raising a gentleman? Let us know in the comments section.

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